This Old In-house: You need to be able to Write…Wreally

Words are the currency of communication in the business world – not pictures. As an in-house creative, your ability to use them will determine your success. At the most fundamental level, you had better make sure your written communications are grammatically correct and that there are no misspellings. When speaking, keep “ums”, “you knows” and “likes” to a bare minimum and shoot for speaking in complete sentences.

Beyond mastering these fundamentals, though, is the necessary ability think critically and to organize your thoughts. If you can’t present your thoughts, ideas and insights in a powerful coherent way then, no matter how great and relevant those thoughts, ideas and insights are, no one will hear you. Worse, your inability to communicate with words will lessen your credibility as a designer in the eyes of your clients, managers and peers.

There are some great resources out there to support you in improving your written and verbal skills:

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