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height=”212″ />Dyana Valentine is an instigator who looks closely and works intensely with clients who are truly ready to make something happen. In over 10 years of working with hundreds of clients, Dyana has come up with tools and conceptual approaches that help self-starters become self-finishers. Her work is heavily based in the principles of Community Psychology, including, but not limited to: we are all motivated; my clients are the experts; and we may have resources at hand to solve our own problems.

Having been a microsurgery tech, an event planner, survived working in corporate America and proud to have earned a Master’s degree from Antioch University and an undergrad degree from Brown, Dyana loves giving talks and workshops, grooming the next generation of community psychologists, and schooling non-academics on how to move projects forward with grace and style.

Part therapy session, part pep talk, part straight talk – Dyana Valentine explores the in-house psyche and how to channel that creative energy into a successful working environment.


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  1. Melissa

    Thanks for this blog and especially this interview. This site is turning into a very valuable resource for me. As an in-house design manager, these are issues I deal with on a daily basis. Nice to know there are articulate, passionate people with some excellent ideas on how to do it better!

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