International Design Awards Winners 2017: Covers

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Merit Winners in the Covers Category

1. Dharma Lion book cover

Design Firm Mingovits Design, New York City; | Creative Team Victor Mingovits, art director/designer; Michael Tighe, photographer | Client University of Minnesota Press | Details This paperback cover is for a new, expanded edition of Dharma Lion, the classic biography of American poet Allen Ginsberg.

2. História da Teoria da Arquitetura


Design Firm Casa Rex, São Paulo, Brazil; | Creative Team Gustavo Piqueira, art director/designer; Samia Jacintho, designer; Caroline Vapsys, Alex Gyurkovicz, assistant designers | Client EDUSP | Details Exploring the large proportions of the book, the graphic project plays with three-dimensionality, removing the traditional boundaries between the cover and spine to suggest the very architectural edification.

3. My School Uniform


Title My School Uniform, | Creative Team Yong Kam Ling, art director; Nicky Loh, Louis Kwok, Soh Qiu Ling, Benny Loh, photographers; Yix Quek (Guo Yi Xian), copywriter | Printer Basheer Graphic Books | Details My School Uniform is the first-ever photo book documenting the uniforms, badges and mottos of all the secondary schools in Singapore.

DESIGN TIP: “Initiate meaningful work. It something means something to you, chances are, it will resonate with someone else too.” —Yixian Quek, author of My School Uniform, lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

4. Souffles-Anfas: A Critical Anthology from the Moroccan Journal of Culture and Politics


Design Firm Anne Jordan and Mitch Goldstein, Rochester, NY; | Creative Team Rob Ehle, art director; Anne Jordan, Mitch Goldstein, designers/illustrators | Client Stanford University Press | Details This cover of an anthology of an experimental journal from the 1960s-70s conveys the tension and energy surrounding the journal at the time.

5. The Curse of Beauty


Company/Client Regan Arts, New York City; | Creative Team Richard Ljoenes, art director/designer | Details The jacket of this biography about model Audrey Munson folds out into a map showing the 18 locations with statues of Munson in NYC.

6. The Fermented Man


Designer Anthony Morais, Washingtonville, NY; | Creative Team Anthony Morais, art director/designer/illustrator | Printer Maple Press | Client Overlook Press | Details This book explores whether a homebrewer can live for a year on nothing but fermented foods.

7. Where the Bird Sings Best


Company/Client Regan Arts, New York City; | Creative Team Richard Ljoenes, art director/designer | Details This semi-autobiographical novel transforms family history into heroic legend and expands the classic immigration story to mythic proportions.