International Design Awards Winners 2017: Identity

The HOW International Design Awards recognizes excellence on a global scale. View the winners of last year’s International Design Awards below, and enter the 2018 awards by August 14!

Merit Winners in the Identity Category

1. AYA


Design Firm John McNeil Studio, Berkeley, CA; | Creative Team Gerald Lewis, creative director; Jana Heyer, Kirill Mazin, designers; Scott Leeper, copywriter; Elisabeth Schwartz, account/project manager; Bill Dougherty, print production | Client Sonoma Cannabis Company | Details John McNeil Studio worked with the client on high-end cannabis vaporizer pens and created a brand that captures a gap in the market and positions the company as leaders in it.

2. Bail Bond Brothers


Design Firm Odie + Partners, Birmingham, AL; | Creative Team Brian Authement, Meghan Stewart, Kelly Kinnaird, art directors | Client Bail Bond Brothers | Details The firm started by naming the company Bail Bond Brothers to emphasize a sense of connection and support, and then created a brand identity to engage the audience in a way that would lighten otherwise unfortunate circumstances.

3. Beyond the Beat Logo


Design Firm Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto; | Creative Team Zak Mroueh, creative director; Omar Morson, design director/designer; Ryan Booth, designer; Kari Macknight Dearborn, agency print producer; Devina Hardatt, account supervisor; Anneke Van Den Hof, account manager| Client Beyond the Beat | Details Zulu Alpha Kilo worked with the client to create a new logo with letterforms that rise and fall, alluding to high and low sounds found in sound waves.

4. Biota Aquariums // Brand Development


Design Firm helium creative, Fort Lauderdale, FL; | Creative Team Christopher Heller, Ryan Sirois, art directors; Kelly Gedvilas, designer | Client Biota Aquariums | Details Biota Aquariums is the only provider of a complete, sustainable saltwater aquarium ecosystem and came to helium creative for full brand development.

DESIGN TIP: “This is the most important and difficult thing I’ve learned in my career: Don’t overthink; trust your gut. With experience and education comes an ingrained knowledge that eventually needs to drive the design process, not an over-analytical or doubtful mind. Trust yourself.” —Ryan Heller, art director at helium creative,

5. Blue Plate Restaurant Co.


Design Firm Duffy, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Joe Duffy, Alan Leusink, creative directors; Joseph Duffy, design director; Carly Wright, designer | Client Blue Plate Restaurant Co. | Details Duffy created the new Blue Plate identity and activated it through an Internet of Things device called the Fuel Good Machine. User drop their blue chip in the machine, and the charity with the most is given the Blue Plate donation. A real win-win.

6. Brand Identity for Lift Exercise


Design Firm Noise13, San Francisco; | Creative Team Dava Guthmiller, art director; Christine Lee, art director/designer; Amanda Ortiz, Eva-Heidi Lindberg, designers; Creig Nakano, photographer; Stephanie Orma, copywriter; Kelly McGrane, project manager | Client Lift Exercise | DetailsThe goal was to create an identity for this boutique fitness brand that would stand out in an oversaturated market.

7. Developing a Movement to Help Address Tuberculosis Worldwide


Design Firm Siegel+Gale, New York City; | Creative Team EMEA, executive creative direction; Mike Scott, design director | Client Stop TB | Details Siegel+Gale worked with Stop TB to push tuberculosis up the global agenda to end it once and for all.

8. Drive Electric Minnesota


Design Firm 5IVE, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Boriana Strzok, art director; Bruce Edwards, Andi Jordt, designers; Mike Borell, copywriter | Client Drive Electric Minnesota | Details In order to motivate Minnesotans to drive electric, we focused on the future—designing a contemporary logo that grabs attention, promotes action and embraces the spirit of forward thinking.

9. Frameline


Design Firm Mucho, San Francisco; | Creative Team Rob Duncan, art director; Luke Robertson, designer/photographer; David Begler, copywriter | Client Frame line | Details Frameline’s mission is to change the world through the power of queer cinema; the goal was to create an identity that really resonated with the idea of inclusivity.

10. Franklin Press Identity


Design Firm Sussner Design Company, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Derek Sussner, art director; Tanya Naylor, designer; Emily Brownson, Ben Alpert, photographers; Jeff Mueller, copywriter | Client Franklin Press, Inc | Details The firm was asked to rework the brand, with a firm nod to the family heritage of the business.

11. Frooza, Handmade Natural Booza


Designer Nuno Pereira, Doha, Qatar; | Client Frooza, Natural Handmade Booza | Details Frooza is a pop-up shop selling rolled-up ice cream inspired by street vendors in Thailand and is the first cold plate ice creamery in Lebanon.

DESIGN TIP: “#1 keep your eyes (and mind) wide open. #2 research and explore. #3 engage and inspire.” —Nuno Pereira,

12. Future-Proofing the Andrews Brand


Design Firm Siegel+Gale, New York City; | Creative Team Lana Roulhac, design director | Client Andrews Property Group | Details Facing an ever-changing marketplace, the client engaged Siegel+Gale to reframe its branding to capitalize on the contemporary real estate market.

13. Hanigan & Johnson Brand Identity


Design Firm Test Monki, The Woodlands, TX; | Creative Team Suzy Simmons, art director; Gabby Nguyen, art director/designer | Printer DiscPro | Client Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics | Details A cycling brand identity theme was successfully used across all communication channels for a smooth introduction to a new partnership between two orthodontics.

14. Heather and Little Business Cards


Design Firm Overdrive Design Limited, Toronto; | Creative Team James Wilson, creative director; Antonia V. Goga, art director/designer; Leslie Jennings, Maureen McCabe, project managers | Printer Flash Reproductions | Client Heather and Little Limited | Details Influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement and H&L’s copper work, the logo expresses as a reproduction on copper, the verdigris treatment symbolizing H&L’s beautiful enduring work.

15. Hochelaga-Maisonneuve


Design Firm Écorce, Montreal; | Creative Team Karl-Frédéric Anctil, creative director; Francis Pelletier, art director; Nadia Verrelli, designer; Rafik Andraos, production designer | Client SDC Hochelaga-Maisonneuve | Details The objective of the brand redesign was to create an authentic and creative identity that reflected the commercial revival of the area and that focused on the sense of belonging of its residents.

DESIGN TIP: “Find clients that will trust you and let you take the design decisions. Easier said than done of course. 😉 And most of all, take the time to analyze what your client’s competition is doing, and then do everything except that. Don’t get your inspiration [only] on design blog[s] and websites. Get your inspiration in everything and everywhere.” —Karl-Frédéric Anctil, creative director at

16. Huti’s 5 Brand Identity


Design Firm Test Monki, The Woodlands, TX; | Creative Team Suzy Simmons, art director; Gabby Nguyen, Yiwen Lu, designers; B-Rad Photography, Bianca Zaragoza, photographers; Brad Petak, engagement architect | Client Huti’s 5 Free-Fire Grill | Details A successful restaurateur nurturing a concept to bring fresh, healthy food at an affordable price to The Woodlands, TX, wanted to create a high-energy brand that millennials could connect with and love.

17. International Team Creates Startup Brand


Design Firm Strack Design, Palo Alto, CA; | Creative Team Wolfgang Strack, art director/designer; Roger Siu, FilmGraphik, LucidCircus, Anita Haynes, designers; Barbara Lewis, vice president of marketing; Emily Lewis, senior marketing manager | Client Altiscale | Details The identity is based on a “super sign” that can take on different colors to illustrate the flexibility of the solution.

18. JUX Law Firm Rebrand


Design Firm Latitude, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Eric Anthony, creative director; Jason Strong, executive creative director; Sean Cooley, designer; Lisa Hall, copywriter | Client Thompson Hall Law Firm | Details The client’s belief in using their deep knowledge and expertise to empower others led Latitude to the brand idea of “Power Shift,” which set the tone for a complete identity refresh and new name.

19. Kalamaki Identity


Design Firm THE REPUBLIK, Durham, NC; | Creative Team Robert Shaw West, creative director; Matt Shapiro, art director; Leigh Smith, designer | Client Kalamaki Greek Street Food | Details Using patterns and other elements inspired by various Greek traditions, the firm created an identity that fits the cuisine as well as a brand that resembles a more modern foodie culture.

20. Knowlura


Design Firm Hyperquake, Cincinnati; | Creative Team Dan Barczak, art director; Chris Mock, designer | Client Hobsons | Details Developed around the execution of gold foils and heavy cream papers, the firm built a palette of rich tones to represent a brand that partners with higher education institutions and carries itself with sophistication.

DESIGN TIP: “Our client was incredibly flexible and open to new ideas. When we chose a sophisticated and high-end direction for the new identity I knew gold foil was in play. That technique alone lifted our ideas and pushed us to create a compelling palette and sense of class the new Knowlura brand needed—one that could speak to higher education institutions. Put simply, the brand should clearly visualize and speak to its core message and purpose, which Knowlura does without complication.” —Chris Mock, senior designer, Hyperquake,

21. M&M’s 75th Anniversary

Design Firm jones knowles Ritchie, New York City; | Creative Team Tosh Hall, executive creative director; Daniel D’Arcy, Andy Baron, design directors; Erin Dameron, senior designer; Catherine Wyatt, designer; Ian Brignell, typographer; Sara Hyman, managing director; Grace Dawson, account director; Vannett Li, senior account manager | Client Mars | Details The client wanted an ownable logo to use during the yearlong celebration of its 75th anniversary.

22. Mïka Essentials



Design Firm Nuno Pereira, Doha, Qatar; | Creative Team Nuno Pereira, designer | Client Mïka Essentials | Details Mïka is a fashion brand with a funky twist for the trendy Lebanese women, and the new logotype reflects the fashion designer’s first collection—fresh, daring and challenging.

23. Nice Rice


Design Firm MEAT art direction and design, Beijing; | Creative Team Ronald Tau, art director/designer/illustrator; Liang Limin, designer | Printer QL-Art | Client Nice Rice | Details With Nice Rice being a go-to spot in the city for spicy, hearty and trendy eats, the logo depicts three birds pecking down a mountain of rice—a metaphor of hungry young Beijingers chowing down for comfort.

24. O’More College of Design Rebrand


Design Firm Yellow Specs Design, Franklin, TN; | Creative Team Jess Smith, art director; Doug Regen, designer; Nick Swift, photographer | Printers Lithographics, TruColor | Client O’More College of Design | Details O’More College of Design is a private design school. The brief: Say DESIGN without saying a word.

25. One City Center Logo


Design Firm THE REPUBLIK, Durham, NC; | Creative Team Robert Shaw West, creative director; Matt Shapiro, art director/designer | Client One City Center | Details One City offers three different areas of commerce; thus, the logo incorporates three rings to illustrate not just the building’s name, but also the comprehensive offerings within its walls.

26. Publicis.Sapient

7-animatedicons 8-compound-people

Design Firm/Client Publicis.Sapient, New York City; | Creative Team Gaston Legorburu, chief creative strategist; Matthew Jacobson, executive vice president of design; James Alleman, associate creative director; Matt Keeler, senior art director; Jonathan Candelaria, art director; Allison Bistrong, creative director; Cindy Maria Jimenez, senior designer; Jordan Rivero, art director; Wailam Pan, design manager; and more | Details The Publicis.Sapient platform represents a new model within Publicis Groupe, which demands a visual identity that defines a culture of collaboration.

27. RISD Executive Education


Design Firm Sarah Rainwater Design, Providence, RI; | Creative Team Sarah Rainwater, art director/designer | Client Rhode Island School of Design | Details Identity design for Rhode Island School of Design’s innovative executive education program that develops interdisciplinary learning experiences for diverse corporations and organizations.

DESIGN TIP: “Learn your client by asking smart questions and doing independent research. Give yourself space and time to get out all the ideas that just aren’t working. Design beyond your comfort zone and explore the weird ideas that might seem abstract.” —Sarah Rainwater Design,

28. Rodrigo Sassi


Design Firm Casa Rex, São Paulo, Brazil; | Creative Team Gustavo Piqueira, art director/designer; Samia Jacintho, anilo Helvadjian, designers; Marianne Meni, assistant designer | Client Rodrigo Sassi | Details This visual identity is for the exhibition of the Brazilian artist Rodrigo Sassi, whose work finds itself on the borderline between sculpture and installation.

29. RRG


Design Firm 12 points, Moscow; | Creative Team Mikhail Puzakov, art director/designer/photographer; Oleg Vvedensky, art director/copywriter | Client RRG | Details 12 points was tasked with reinventing the visual identity of RRG while preserving its existing logo designed in-house.

30. Seb Black


Design Firm Phoenix The Creative Studio, Montreal; | Creative Team Louis Paquet, art director; Clement Piganeau, designer/illustrator; Fouad Mallouk, account manager | Client Seb Black | Details Having ambitions to conquer a larger market, Seb Black asked Phoenix to create his new identity, logo and website.

31. Shoreline Brand Identity


Design Firm Test Monki, The Woodlands, TX; | Creative Team Suzy Simmons, art director; Gabby Nguyen, Yiwen Lu, designers | Client Shoreline Pediatric Dentistry | Details Dr. Paul Field is a fun-loving pediatric dentist that digs anything quirky, vintage and whimsical. So naturally, when he wanted to open up his own practice, his knew his brand identity had to match his personality.

32. Smoke BBQ


Design Firm Odie + Partners, Birmingham, AL; | Creative Team Brian Authement, Joe Montefusco, Meghan Stewart, art directors | Client Smoke Covington | Details There isn’t one logo that represents Smoke BBQ. Rather, there is an evolving identity system comprised of many graphics, type treatments and colors that come together to form Smoke’s identity.

33. Spreetail Brand Refresh


Design Firm Archrival, Lincoln, NE; | Creative Team Trevor Meyer, creative director; Michael Nielsen, design director; Mike Kuhl, account director | Client Spreetail | Details The client needed a brand refresh to reflect its youthful, innovative personality. Archrival helped rethink things from the ground up, resulting in Spreetail—part shopping spree, part online retail.

34. Texas Junk Co


Design Firm Think Carmen, Houston; | Creative Team Carmen Garza, art director/designer/illustrator | Client Texas Junk Co | Details Think Carmen created a handmade branding system inspired by secondhand products, hardware, western goods, vintage Texana items and cowboy boots.

DESIGN TIP: “For a brand identity, every detail matters and has a meaningful reason for usage; don’t just add something to make it look ‘pretty.’ The design must be timeless, have a purpose and tell a story. —Carmen Garza, principal, Think Carmen,

35. The Amelia Stationery Package

THEA Stationery 100615 MOCKUP

Design Firm Mixed Media Creations, Lewisville, TX; | Creative Team Liz Radtke, art director; Brendan Burling, Corey Cox, Lindsey Bailey, Leisa Bailey, Richard Lovelace, designers; Whitney Stockstill, print production; Lindsey Zaleski, account manager | Client The Amelia Apartments | Details Recently renamed “The Amelia” in honor of Amelia Earhart’s assistance designing the local airport, the contemporary high-rise community then needed a brand to match.

36. The Tapestry Modern Beer Hall


Design Firm Caliber Creative, Dallas; | Creative Team Brandon Murphy, art director; Bret Sano, art director/designer; Karie Scuiller, account manager | Client The Tapestry | Details The Tapestry will be a modern beer hall and brewpub in North Dallas dedicated to weaving together the local craft beer community.

DESIGN TIP: “This year, Caliber landed with a total of six projects slated for inclusion into the annual. Very excited and honored. Even though the food & beverage category is not our only focus as a design agency, it is of note that all six of the included projects are tied to either: beer, music/entertainment or burgers (which is not at all a bad combination!). … Design can be a powerful, thought-provoking craft that has the ability to change public opinion and advance noble endeavors. However, there are also times when design can be (and in fact needs to be) fun and purely for our shared enjoyment. A break, a rest, a reminder that there are things to enjoy each and every day. In the wake of our nation’s current emotional and political state, I’d lobby that there is a need for reminders of change and healing—but also reminders of what to enjoy. The tip being to embrace ‘fun’ when the design opportunity presents itself. We can all use a collective break.” — Brandon Murphy, principal creative, Dallas-based,

37. Vallier


Design Firm Phoenix The Creative Studio, Montreal; | Creative Team Fouad Mallouk, account manager/founder; Christopher Nicola, art director/designer; Louis Paquet, creative director; Clement Piganeau, illustrator; Alexis Malin, photographer | Client Vallier Bistro | Details Ten years ago, Mr. Vallier Dufour founded Vallier. Wishing to “dust off” the place, he closed for a winter and has undertaken a major facelift. Result: Vallier is a restaurant that specializes in creative and comforting cuisine with French bistro-style dishes. Vallier offers its customers a whole new menu and a whole new decor to make the restaurant warmer, lighter and add comfort. Phoenix was asked to tackle the brand identity, a new logo and all of their communicational tools, in addition to the design and development of their new website.

38. Vernon Gantry Brand Identity


Design Firm ThoughtMatter, New York City; | Creative Team Trenton Kenagy, art director; Mark DeRose, Steve Baust, designers; Gary Lupton, Johan Vipper, photographers; Dan Acasuso, copywriter; Caryn Nadler, brand strategist | Printer Aldine Specialty Printers | Client Vernon Gantry, Scott Tisdale/Pauline Leong | Details The logo is influenced by local storefronts, hand-painted signs and window lettering. The firm pulled inspiration from the neighborhood surrounding the founder’s eyewear shop, avenue names, the urban texture of the area and the colorful personalities who fill the streets.

39. Vology Brand System


Design Firm SPARK, Tampa, FL; | Creative Team Nate Carter, creative director; Gordon Weller, creative director/copywriter; Angus Shafer, designer; Patrick Guyer, editor/motion | Client Vology | Details The flexibility of this brand is unlike most found in the often restrictive world of technology branding.

40. White River Land Logo


Design Firm Karsh Hagan, Denver; | Creative Team Jason Kusmanoff, creative director; Dave Markes, art director/designer | Client White River Land Company | Details Karsh Hagan created this logo for White River Land, a ranch community in the Colorado mountains founded by elite security experts.

41. Women’s Foundation


Design Firm Design Ranch, Kansas City, MO; | Creative Team Ingred Sidie, Michelle Sonderegger, art directors; Morgan Stephens, designer; Nick Vedros, photographer; Claire Gude, copywriter | Client The Women’s Foundation | Details The Women’s Foundation promotes equity and opportunity for women and girls, using philanthropy, research and policy solutions to make meaningful change.