International Design Awards Winners 2017: Illustration/Photography

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Merit Winners in the Illustration/Photography Category

1. Hospitality From a Different Perspective


Company/Client [D³] Digital Design + Development, Hilton, Memphis, TN; | Creative Team Claudia López Rhea, photographer/designer | Details Every week Claudia is outside taking photos of beautiful flora in the Memphis area and perfecting her technique. She also is Hilton Worldwide’s lead photographer for hotel photo shoots.

2. Coca Cola 100 Contour Poster


Design Firm Turner Duckworth, San Francisco; | Creative Team Bruce Duckworth, David Turner, art directors; Nicole Jordan, Sarah Moffat, designers | Client Coca Cola | Details In 2015 the Coca-Cola Contour Bottle turned 100. Look closely at the poster and you’ll see the contour bottle perfectly formed in the spaces between the candle flames.



Design Firm/Client PICTOGLAZE, Singapore; | Creative Team Nicholas Poon, design director | Details GLAZYFLUX explores abstract forms of gel flowing across a surface.

DESIGN TIP: “To artist[s] who love to make personal artwork: The effort of implementing an idea to your design is a valuable piece of art. A design can deliver messages and give emotional support to audience[s], instead of just showing them as it is. ”

4. IZZE “Friendsgiving”


Design Firm The Integer Group, Lakewood, CO; | Creative Team Patrick Sullivan, group creative director; Dustin Bredice, creative director; Jason Shiskowsky, Cort Langworthy, Lee Perlman, associate creative directors; Joshua Schneider, Nick Marranzino, art directors; Meghan Beckel, copywriter | Client IZZE | Details This interactive social shopping engagement took Millennials on a journey that allowed them to craft their perfect Friendsgiving.

5. Pet Gallery, Fur Babies


Company/Client Spirit Marketing, Kansas City, MO; | Creative Team Chris Evans, art director/designer; Patrick Sullivan, designer/illustrator; Chris Simmons, designers | Printer Spirit Marketing | Details This artfully designed book gives little furry friends the attention they deserve.

6. The Awareness Campaign’s Illustrations for Instagram


Design Firm Thinkhaus, Duluth, MN; | Creative Team John O’Neill, designer/illustrator; Dave Short, illustrator | Client The Awareness Campaign | Details The Awareness Campaign teaches how and why people with disabilities encounter discrimination.

DESIGN TIP: “If there was ever a time to use the means of graphic design for a more inclusive and sustainable society, it is now. Graphic designers have a unique opportunity to critically examine social, cultural and environmental issues in their design process. It is from this process that they will be able to develop design solutions that will change attitudes and behaviors about these issues for the better.” —John L. O’Neill, MFA, design director, Thinkhaus: A Socially conscious design company

7. The Franklin Hotel Gallery Photography


Design Firm THE REPUBLIK, Durham, NC; | Creative Team Robert Shaw West, creative director; Matt Shapiro, art director; Mark Scoggins, designer | Client The Franklin Hotel | Details The team took an unconventional approach to traditional hotel photography.