International Design Awards Winners 2017: Miscellaneous

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Merit Winners in the Miscellaneous Category

1. 15 Hubert


Design Firm And Partners, New York City; | Creative Team David Schimmel, creative director; Nate Baltikas, designer; Moso Studio, CGI/Renderer; Jason Schmidt, photographer; Walter Thomas, copywriter | Printer Brilliant Graphics | Client Samson Management

2. 1903

Design Firm Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto; | Creative Team Zak Mroueh, chief creative officer; Allen Oke, executive creative director; Noel Fenn, associate creative director/art director/designer; Andrew Caie, associate creative director/writer; Ryan Booth, design director/designer; Curtis Denomme, art director, social; George Ault, writer; Joel Felker, writer, social; and more | Printer Flash Reproductions | Client Harley-Davidson Canada | Details This café served as a nod to 1960s café racer culture and was steeped in the lifestyle and heritage of the brand.

3. A Swift Response to Swiped Work by a Presidential Candidate


Design Firm/Client SPARK, Tampa, FL; | Creative Team Elliott Bedinghaus, vice president of creative; Nate Carter, creative director; Alex Coyle, art director; David Gonzalez, designer; Amanda Story, copywriter; Patrick Guyer, editor/motion | Details SPARK reimagined candidate Gary Johnson’s brand—and shortly after, found it had been swiped by his campaign. So they created a microsite addressing Gary and his team.

4. CCAD 2016 Fashion Show


Design Firm Ologie, Columbus, OH; | Creative Team Bev Ryan, art director; Cole Londeree, designer; Nick Fancher, photographer; Jackie Mantey, copywriter; Emily Holt, Kevin Tyler, Carolyn Emmons, Kevin Murray, Erika Clark, account/video/additional photography | Client Columbus College of Art and Design | Details The different aesthetics featured in the video, invitation and lookbook for the 2016 Senior Fashion Show grew out of conversations Ologie had with each student designer to learn the inspiration behind their work.

5. Paper à la Russe


Company/Client Paperless Post, New York City; | Creative Team Luke Williams, creative director/art director; Laura Berglund, senior designer; Catherine Chi, illustrator; Stephanie Shih, copywriter; Ivy Liu, project manager Details Leaning into Soviet history, the event design incorporated pearls fit for a czar and party favors of caviar-like candle tins bearing the year the Romanov dynasty came to an end.

6. Pita For Good Food Truck


Design Firm Whiskey Design, Kansas City, MO; | Creative Team Matt Wegerer, art director/designer; Micah Barta, designer; Austin Walsh Photography, Travis Young, photographers; Drunk Copywriter | Printers Custom Color, Oddities Print, 4over4, Art Lithocraft | Client Pita For Good | Details The identity revolves around a unique blend of various regional countries, depicting hybrid cultural patterns, symbols and sayings of good fortune.

7. PixelWeaver

Design Firm Sosolimited, Boston; | Creative Team John Rothenberg, art director; Alex Olivier, David Wicks, Wes Thomas, creative coding; Meredith Finkelstein (Print All Over Me), Jesse Finkelstein (Print All Over Me), Lauren McCarthy (Processing Foundation), Daniel Shiffman (Processing Foundation), collaborators | Client Processing Foundation | Details PixelWeaver is a web-based application that transforms your internet search results into algorithmically generated clothing.

8. Promotion Intern of Chinese Typography Design Exhibition


Design Firm/Client Ken-Tsai Lee Design Lab/Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan; | Creative Team Ken-Tsai Lee, art director/designer; Suri Cheng, Yang-Chun Cheng, Jou-Hua Hsiang, designers

9. Ringling College Orientation Packet


Design Firm Ringling College Design Center, Sarasota, Florida; | Creative Team Holly Antoszewski, Laura Bucholtz, art directors; Sara Bicknell, designer/illustrator; Stephanie Lederer, copywriter | Printer Manatee Printers | Client Ringling College of Art an Design, Office of Student Life | Details The orientation packet is used to inform, engage and welcome new students to the college.

10. The Sit&Tell Project


Organization AIGA Toledo, Toledo, OH; | Creative Team Jenn Stucker, graphic design and creative director/copywriter; Rachel Rine, web designer; Dave Lehman, photographer; and others | Printer JakPrints | Client Arts Commission of Toledo & MTS Seating | Details This project utilizes the metaphor of a chair as an invitation for friendship and communication.

DESIGN TIP: “Persevere! This community project involved many layers and participants to make the Sit&Tell Project happen, and it would have been easy to give up along with way. However, belief in the idea and its impact inspired a perseverance to see it through.” —Jenn Stucker, author & creative director of the Sit&Tell project

11. VR Goggles

SCAD Savannah – Spring 2016 – Communications – VR Goggles Documentation – Documented for a Design and Advertising competition in Communication Arts Magazine – Keys Hall – Photography by Parker Stewart

Organization/Client Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA; | Creative Team Melanie Prisco, art director; Mark Rand, design director; Jinna Lee, designer; Allison Stice, copy editor; Jillian Schlake, communications manager; Dave Hanak, Johnny Hand, production leads | Details Using an iPhone or Android smartphone, users can take a virtual tour of SCAD campuses in Savannah and Atlanta, GA; Hong Kong; and Lacoste, France.

DESIGN TIP: “Collaboration is key to the design process. Working together to achieve something successful is the best possible reward. Your friends and colleagues can be some of your best critiques! But above all, you have to enjoy what you do because that’s what comes through in the end.” —Melanie Prisco, art director, SCAD and Jennifer McCarn, senior graphic designer, SCAD

12. Westpassage


Design Firm JAC-Gestltung, Dortmund, NRW, Germany; | Creative Team Judith Anna Rüther, art director | Client Union Gewerbehof & Artists | Details This project is by eight artists who live and work in the Union Quarter of Dortmund.

13. Year of the Monki


Design Firm/Client Test Monki, The Woodlands, TX; | Creative Team Suzy Simmons, art director; Gabby Nguyen, Yiwen Lu, Allison Cortez, designers | Details With the Year of the Monkey coming around only every 12 years, the firm knew they had to take advantage with a name like theirs.