International Design Awards Winners 2017: Packaging

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Merit Winners in the Packaging Category

1. 11 Below Brewing


Design Firm Caliber Creative, Dallas; | Creative Team Brandon Murphy, Bret Sano, art directors; Kaitlyn Canfield, designer/copywriter; Kevin Johnson, designer/illustrator; Elena Chudoba, illustrator; Karie Scuiller, account manager | Client 11 Below Brewing | Details Anyone could tell you that the 11 Below Brewing team is infectiously silly—something that Caliber couldn’t help but embrace in their approach to the can designs.

2. Arrowhead Precision Mobile


Design Firm/Client TAIT Design Co., Detroit; | Creative Team Matthew Tait, lead product designer; Audrey Elkus, associate product designer; Aaron Jones, photographer | Printer Ocelot Print Shop | Details One of the biggest challenges was designing packaging that would be compact, protective for shipping, and a joy to open.

3. Beluga Café


Design Firm Casa Rex, São Paulo, Brazil; | Creative Team Gustavo Piqueira, art director/designer; Samia Jacintho, designer; Marianne Meni, assistant designer | Client Beluga Café | Details Inspired by the historical links coffee and the city of São Paulo share—having become the metropolis it is due to the 1800s coffee expansion—the identity pays homage to the city “built on coffee.”

4. Benham’s Gin


Design Firm Stranger & Stranger, San Francisco; | Client Benham’s Gin | Details Sonoma’s West County is known for the sea glass on its beaches and the local artists who reuse found materials in their work. The firm thought that the name “Sonoma Dry” best defined this distinctive gin made from local ingredients.

5. Better Meat for All


Design Firm Sterling Brands, San Francisco; | Creative Team Philippe Becker, Paul van den Berg, art directors; Jay Cabalquinto, Dylan Schepers, designers | Client Vermont Smoke & Cure | Details The objective was to introduce consumers to the integrity, commitment and unparalleled taste of Vermont Smoke & Cure’s products.

6. Burger King Halloween


Design Firm Turner Duckworth, London; | Creative Team Clem Halpin, creative director; Bruce Duckworth, David Turner, art directors; David Blakemore, Boyko Taskov, designers | Client Burger King | Details The packaging needed to celebrate Halloween, as well as be fun and engaging for customers, putting a smile on their faces.



Design Firm Aizawa Office, Yokohama, Japan; | Creative Team Yukihiko Aizawa, art director/designer; Yuki Mori, designer; Yurie Sumiya, China Nagata, project directors | Printers Wake Inc.; Osaka Sealing Printing Co. Ltd. | Client SUZETTE Co. Ltd. | Details The client is a manufacturer and retailer of baked sweets, and this product features a fine butter made from high-quality raw milk in Hamanaka, Japan.

8. C3 Spring Baked Sweets Assortment Gift Sets


Design Firm Aizawa Office, Yokohama, Japan; | Creative Team Yukihiko Aizawa, art director/designer; Yuki Mori, designer; Yoko Fukui, photographer; Chikara Nishizawa, flower designer; Yurie Sumiya, project director | Printers Wake Inc.; Ipax Iketani Co. Ltd | Client SUZETTE Co. Ltd. | Details Each of the three boxes has a different flower arrangement created with the theme of spring.

9. Cannes Lions Survival Kit


Design Firm Phoenix The Creative Studio, Montreal; | Creative Team Louis Paquet, art director/designer; Clement Piganeau, designer/illustrator; John Dutton, copywriter; Fouad Mallouk, account manager | Client GumGum | Details Thanks to these kits, GumGum was able to achieve 150 meetings with decision-makers on their boat at Cannes Lions.

10. Choco Frutaschoco_frutas_1

Designer Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler, Pasadena, CA; | Client Alimentos Cook S.A. | Details The goal was to develop a fun packaging for frozen fruit covered in chocolate for the Costa Rican market.

11. Desiree


Design Firm jones knowles Ritchie, New York City; | Creative Team Tosh Hall, executive creative director; Sarah Schiesser, senior designer; Badal Patel, designer; Martin Wonnacott, photographer; Sara Hyman, managing director; Grace Dawson, account director; Tiffany Calo, account manager; Matthew Coluccio, retoucher | Client Diageo | Details The center of the record creates the ‘D’ monogram, and the wine label reads as the vinyl sleeve.

12. Farmacy Beauty


Design Firm VP+C, New York City; | Creative Team Mark Veeder, creative director; Margaret Park, art director/designer; Kei Meguro, illustrator | Client Farmacy Beauty | Details The transformational qualities of the products are reflected in the packaging: a 6-sided box constructed in a unique format that unfolds (blooms) to reveal the brand story printed on the inside.

DESIGN TIP: “There’s a lot of really great design out there—and bad design. Competitive research is important, but try not to get distracted or be overwhelmed by what’s out there. Stay true to yourself and your brand, and your work will exude authenticity and stand out from the clutter.” —Margaret Park, art director, VP+C,

13. Flagship Beer Packaging


Design Firm CVD, New Windsor, NY; | Creative Team Craig Valentino, designer | Client Mill House Brewing Co. | Details Mill House Brewing Co. wanted to convey its brewing philosophy of “art + science” in the design, which supports the idea that the makers are not only creative in their brewing process, but also scientific in their approach.

14. Gather Premium Pet Food


Design Firm Subplot Design Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia; | Creative Team Matthew Clark, art director/designer; Jacquie Shaw, designer; Darren Booth, illustrator; Pete Pallett, copywriter | Printer Peel Plastic Products Ltd. | Client Petcurean | Details Petcurean crafted the sustainably produced Gather from certified and organic ingredients.

15. GivePet Dog Treats


Design Firm Whiskey Design, Kansas City, MO; | Creative Team Matt Wegerer, art director; Roberto Camacho, designer/illustrator; Matt Wegerer, Lauren Bowles, designers; Travis Young (Austin Walsh Photography); Drunk Copywriter | Printers Belmark, MOO | Client GivePet | Details GivePet’s mission is to share infinite love with those that have yet to find their “forever” home.

16. Google Fi Holiday


Design Firm Turner Duckworth, London; | Creative Team David Turner, Bruce Duckworth, art directors; Alice Kosowara, Georgiana Ng, Chris Garvey, Sarah Moffat, designers | Client Google | Details The objective was to create an intuitive, approachable and fun concept to welcome users to Fi, a new wireless service by Google designed to deliver a fast, easy experience.

17. Goose Island, Bourbon County Stout


Design Firm VSA Partners, Chicago; | Creative Team Dan Knuckey, Josh Witherspoon, creative directors; Denny Liu, Ian Koenig, Carrie Richardson, designers; Tim White, copywriter | Client Goose Island Beer Company | Details A specially designed neck label with a flaglike tab stakes claim to Goose Island’s pioneering of barrel-aged beers.

18. HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook, Sleeve and Mouse Packaging


Design Firm TracyLocke, Wilton, CT; | Creative Team Mike Lovegrove, chief creative officer; Sandy Stein, executive creative director; Brian Hutter, group creative director; Ryan Swierczek, Nitin Budhiraja, associate creative directors; Maddie Mafilios, art director; Dan Douglas, Brianna Sienkiewicz, designers; Basil Inferrera, copywriter | Client HP | Details By bringing the legacy of the Force to life at every stage of the packaging experience, the firm was able to bridge the gap between fans old and new while connecting the legacy-inspired laptop to the latest film and its characters.

19. Indeed Brewing Company Packaging


Design Firm Duffy, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Joe Duffy, Alan Leusink, creative directors; Cody Petts, designer; Chuck U, illustrator | Client Indeed Brewing Co. | Details Duffy gave the existing identity a refresh, making sure Indeed was seated at the top of the brand food chain while still cheering on the individuality of the beer found inside.

20. Kipos Oil Packaging


Design Firm THE REPUBLIK, Durham, NC; | Creative Team Robert Shaw West, creative director; Matt Shapiro, art director/designer | Client Kipos Greek Taverna | Details To tell the story of the brand, the team incorporated photography of the owner’s Greek relatives to bring it the warm, family-oriented feel that speaks to the restaurant and patron’s values while also keeping the designs clean and digestible, just like the food they serve.

21. L’Espace Public


Design Firm Écorce, Montreal; | Creative Team Karl-Frédéric Anctil , creative director; Xavier Coulombe-Murray, art director; Rafik Andraos, production designer; Sann Sava, Charles Paquin, copywriters; Julie Poulin, artistic director | Client L’Espace Public | Details The microbrewery’s new brand image needed to represent all five master brewers, incorporating their passion for beer and pride in the Montreal district in which they are based.

22. Librottiglia


Design Firm Reverse Innovation, Milan and Amsterdam; | Creative Team Mirco Onesti, art director; Michela De Nicolis, graphic designer; Francesco Zanet, Studio Effe, photographers; Patrizia Laquidara, Regina Nadaes Marques, Danilo Zanelli, writers; Mirco Onesti, innovation concept; Paula Acosta, relationship coordinator | Client Matteo Correggia | Details Librottiglia is where great wine and literary pleasure meet; the stories on the label were specially selected to complement the sensory impressions of each wine.

23. Make


Design Firm Design Ranch, Kansas City, MO; | Creative Team Ingred Sidie, Nathaniel Cooper, creative directors; Nathanial Cooper, designer | Client Maker Media | Details With a more modern, approachable look, these newly crafted kits are jumping off of shelves.

24. Marou Chocolate for National Gallery Singapore


Design Firm Rice Creative, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; | Creative Team Chi-An De Leo, Joshua Breidenbach, Gregory Jewett, art directors; William Sorqvist, Anna Tran, designers | Printer Nguyen Dang Tam | Clients Marou Faiseur de Chocolat, National Gallery Singapore | Details National Gallery Singapore partnered with Marou to cobrand a range of chocolate bars that would represent both Vietnam and the architecture of the gallery.

25. Monarch Ammo Packaging


Company/Client Academy Sports + Outdoors Inhouse Packaging Design, Katy, TX; | Creative Team Charles Leung, art director; Thanh Nguyen, designer; Rick Mapes, photographer | Client Academy Sports + Outdoors | Details The redesign of the packaging brings an updated look that reflects the quality and reliability the brand stands behind.

26. My Little Pony 2016 San Diego Comic Con Offering—Discord & Fluttershy


Company/Client Hasbro Inc., Pawtucket, RI; | Creative Team Elena Gruneberg, Matt Riordan, art directors; Kelly Grupczynksi, illustrator; Robin Matusik, senior packaging engineer; Kevin Evans, senior product designer | Details A talented group of engineers, designers and artists collaborated to create the 2016 My Little Pony San Diego Comic-Con offering.

27. Patron en Lalique Serie 1


Design Firm Viceroy Creative, Long Island City, NY; | Creative Team Gabrielle Rein, art director | Client Lalique | Details The story of Patrón en Lalique Serie 1 is about fusion: a collision of traditions including hand craftsmanship, quality, authenticity and provenance.

28. Pepsi x 2016 Shanghai Fashion Week


Company/Client PepsiCo Design & Innovation, Shanghai, China; | Client PepsiCo | Details Combining geometrical motifs with classic fashion patterns such as black and white stripes and houndstooth, these daring designs communicate the synergy between the fashion world and the Pepsi brand.

29. Progresso Cooking Stocks Packaging


Design Firm Hornall Anderson, Seattle; | Creative Team Michael Connors, creative director; Peter Anderson, design director; Maxwell Churchill, designer; Steven Noble, illustrator; Shirley Hendrickson, copywriter; Euan Fraser, strategist; Ricki Pasinelli, group director, account services; Lorna Harrington, account services director; Jonas Land, digital production artist; Alison Mumpower, production supervisor | Client General Mills | Details The design needed to appeal to cooks’ creative aspirations and demonstrate superiority over the competition.

30. St. Laurent Gin


Design Firm Chad Michael Studio, Dallas; | Creative Team Chad Michael, designer; Marija Tiurina, illustrator; Rusty Hill, photographer | Client Distillerie du St. Laurent | Details A Canadian gin with a label primarily in French, the design pulls inspiration from author Jules Verne along with visual cues from antique encyclopedias in order to perpetuate the distillery’s depth of knowledge in regards to their recipe, distilling methods and marvelous provenance.

DESIGN TIP: “Don’t design in isolation. Meaning don’t design without surrounding yourself with worldly inspiration. From your artboard in Illustrator to your office environment, [you] should be bombarded with inspiration from all angles. The inspiration should span great distances in terms of style, material and imagery as long as each piece shares some relation to your overall project concept.” —Chad Michael, owner and creative director,

31. Stone Breaker Whiskey


Design Firm Whiskey Design, Kansas City, MO; | Creative Team Matt Wegerer, art director/designer; Lauren Bowles, Roberto Camacho, designers; 8183 Studio, photography; Drunk Copywriter | Printer Phenix Label Co | Client Restless Spirits Distilling | Details Inspired by the legacy of strength and determination of the client’s Irish immigrant ancestors, Stone Breaker Whiskey honors their craftsman forefathers.

32. Stranger No. 17 Eau de Stranger


Design Firm/Client Stranger & Stranger, San Francisco; | Details The firm created a bespoke scent pour homme, pour femme, pour room—with a heady mix of luxe spirit, smoke and wood.

33. TGL Founder’s Reserve


Design Firm Turner Duckworth, London; | Creative Team Bruce Duckworth, David Turner, art directors; Clem Halpin, Matt Lurcock, Miles Marshall, designers | Client Chivas | Details The packaging uses a dramatic crop of founder George Smith’s signature for authenticity and a fresh blue to maximize shelf impact and draw consumer attention, inviting reappraisal for the archetypal Speyside malt.

34. The Collective Brewing Project Brett Series

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Design Firm Caliber Creative, Dallas; | Creative Team Brandon Murphy, art director/designer/illustrator; Bret Sano, art director; Karie Scuiller, account manager | Printer SixB Labels | Client The Collective Brewing Project | Details The Collective Brewing Project is a self-proclaimed “Frankenmonster” of a brewery in Fort Worth, TX.

35. Universal Audio


Design Firm CBA, San Francisco; | Creative Team Jean-Marc Rinaldi, chief executive officer; Elainne Roberton, managing director; Paul Bennett, associate creative director; Anne Vaschetto, design director | Client Universal Audio | Details The solution involved focusing on the products themselves, creating an authentic expression for the brand that represented its superior technical capabilities in a high-fidelity way.