International Design Awards Winners 2017: Posters

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Outstanding Achievement Winner in the Posters Category

1903 Harley-Davidson Café Poster Campaign

Design Firm Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto; | Creative Team Zak Mroueh, chief creative officer; Allen Oke, executive creative director; Noel Fenn, associate creative director/art director/designer; Andrew Caie, associate creative director/writer; Greg Heptinstall, Brandon Dyson, Amanda Braun, Ashleigh O’Brien, studio artists; Laura Dubcovsky , Kari Macknight Dearborn, agency producers; Kerry McKibbin, Maya Adler, account team; Heidi Philip, Jamie Cuthbertson, strategists; Patrick Nichols, Noel Fenn, photographers; Jan Kelley, media agency; Stephanie Spinney, media team; Weber Shandwick, PR agency; Melissa Graham, Sophie Shin, Dana Frank, PR team; Toronto Ink Company, coffee ink production | Printer Flash Reproductions | Client Harley-Davidson Canada

Merit Winners in the Posters Category



Design Firm VSA Partners, Chicago; | Creative Team Bob Winter, creative director; Rainer Schmidt, art director; Denny Liu, designer; Vincent Dixon, Brite Productions, photographers; Tohru Oyasu, copywriter | Client 2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey | Details The goal was to inspire whiskey drinkers who default to the only Irish whiskey they know (you know the one), to choose differently by choosing 2 GINGERS.

2. 88th Academy Awards Documentary Film Poster


Company/Client Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Beverly Hills, CA; | Creative Team Ford Oelman, art director; Fernando Volken Togni, designer | Details To celebrate the five documentaries nominated for the 2015 Oscar, the Academy invited Brazilian artist Fernando Volken Togni to create a poster inspired by each of the films.

3. Archipel—Aire de jeux


Design Firm WePlayDesign, Grandvaux, Vaud, Switzerland; | Creative Team Rubin Sophie, Cédric Rossel, art directors/designers/illustrators | Printer Name | Client Festival Archipel | Details Using collage as a medium, mixing music instruments, plants and humans, the firm created hybrid beings from which emerged colorful quirky entities reflecting music projects of Archipel festival.

4. Art in the Garden


Design Firm WPA Pinfold, Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K.; | Creative Team Myles Pinfold, creative director; Tom Walshaw, art director; Patrick Holmes, designer | Client Holmfirth Art Week | Details A special UV varnish effect was used on the front of the poster, giving the impression that the word “art” sits behind the foliage of a garden.

5. Art of War

Art oF War Project - Hand Grenade

Design Firm/Client Furia, Toronto; | Creative Team Anthony Furia, art director/designer; Fabio Buritica, photographer | Details Objects of war were collected and hand-painted with comical design elements in primary colors to draw attention to the bewildering insanity of self-extermination.

6. Big Slick Celebrity Weekend


Design Firm Blacktop Creative, Kansas City, MO; | Creative Team Travis Kramer, executive creative director; Kael Little, designer/illustrator; Deanna Evans, copywriter | Client Children’s Mercy Hospital | Details Big Slick 2016 brought homegrown heroes Rob Riggle, Jason Sudeikis, Eric Stonestreet, David Koechner and Paul Rudd back to KC to raise money for Children’s Mercy Cancer Center.

7. Bottle Bass


Design Firm Sussner Design Company, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Derek Sussner, art director; Ben Alpert, Tanya Naylor, Emily Brownson, designers/printers | Client Posters and Pints Show 2016 | Details Bottle Bass was created as a collaborative entry between three graphic designers for the Posters and Pints show.

8. Bowl and Barrel Holiday Series

Holiday Series A_24x36_No Marks

Design Firm Caliber Creative, Dallas; | Creative Team Brandon Murphy, Bret Sano, art directors; Silvia Erives, designer; Karie Scuiller, account manager | Client Bowl & Barrel | Details Bowl & Barrel is a Dallas-based bowling alley that offers a full bar and an extensive food menu.

9. Coca Cola 100 Contour Posters


Design Firm Turner Duckworth, San Francisco; |
Creative Team Bruce Duckworth, David Turner, art directors; Sarah Moffat, Nicole Jordan, Drew Stocker, Brian Steele, designers | Client Coca Cola | Details The team was challenged with developing poster designs that would provide a modern interpretation of the Contour Bottle, celebrate its rich history, but also look forward to its future.

10. Creative Fortune


Design Firm/Client 5IVE, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Boriana Strzok, art director; Jared Tuttle, illustrator; Mike Borell, copywriter | Details This poster was designed to inspire others to continue creating great work and also act as a reminder that good things come in pairs.

11. Dallas Show 2016


Designer Alex Egner, Denton, TX; | Creative Team Alex Egner, designer; Jeremy Sharp, photographer | Printer Ussery Printing | Client Dallas Society of Visual Communications | Details This election year–themed poster was for the 2016 Dallas Show.

12. Design London


Design Firm Underline Studio, Toronto; | Creative Team Fidel Peña, art director/designer; Claire Dawson, art director | Printer Flash Reproductions | Client Advertising & Design Club of Canada | Details Bold, yet simple, strong enough to hold the design needed for the punchy British city, the circle serves as the opening point for the studio’s graphic representation of eight of London’s top studios.

13. Guided by Voices Gig Poster


Designer Brian Danaher, St. Paul, MN; | Printer The Half & Half | Client Guided by Voices | Details This gig poster for Guided by Voices was a four-color screen print.

14. HOW Design Live Posters

Design Firm OTTO Brand Lab, New York City; | Creative Team David Kohler, creative director; Hannah Greenberg, designer; Hannah Greenberg, illustrator; Winston Rice, content strategist | Printer DCC/Novalia | Client International Paper | Details For this year’s HOW conference, International Paper commissioned a series of interactive posters printed with conductive ink. All music was created by OTTO.

15. Posters


Design Firm HivelyDesigns, Brooklyn, NY; | Creative Team Charles Hively, art director/designer/copywriter; Ken Tackett, Katja de Gouw, Julie Van Milders, Fé Riské, Igor Gnedo, Michael Buttignol, Spencer Wilson, David Smith, Anthony Freda, Daniel Kondo, illustrators | Client | Details is a platform to engage artists and illustrators to comment on current events.

16. Inject Hope Posters


Design Firm Landor, Cincinnati; | Creative Team Dale Doyle, Joe Napier, art directors; Zack Mueller, Tara Hush, Brandon Wells, Kris Linkugel, designers; Mary Zalla, global president, consumer brands; Kim Pierce, strategy director; Mara Proctor, senior client manager; Brendan O’Brien, client associate | Client Hamilton County Heroin Coalition | Details The goal was to inspire the community and empower them to act. Upon seeing the campaign, Ohio county commissioners approved $2.2 million in funding to activate it across multiple touchpoints.

17. Jude & Alex: An Exhibition


Designer Alex Egner, Denton, TX; | Printer Serigraphic Research Institute | Client UNT on the Square | Details These posters were for an exhibition featuring the work of Jude Landry and Alex Egner.

18. Lava Mae SF Poster Series


Design Firm Hybrid Design, San Francisco; | Creative Team Dora Drimalas, executive creative director/cofounder; Brian Flynn, executive creative director/founder; Aaron Eiland, designer/illustrator | Printer Vahalla Studios | Client Lava Mae | Details Lava Mae is a San Francisco based non-profit dedicated to providing mobile showers and sanitation to the homeless.

19. Loppet Winter Festival Poster 2016

Design Firm Duffy, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Joe Duffy, Alan Leusink, creative directors; Joseph Duffy, design director; Katie DeYoe, designer/illustrator | Printer Rick Love |
Client The Loppet Foundation | Details The identity system for the foundation was created to highlight the four seasons and, importantly, to be an essential organizing tool.

20. Martin Luther King Dream Poster


Design Firm Studio Named Bermudez, Atlanta; | Creative Team Donald Edward Bermudez, art director/designer/illustrator; Bernice A. King, copywriter | Printer New London Communications | Client The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change | Details The color palette and stylization of Dr. King’s face was to represent new thinking from the new generation.

DESIGN TIP: “Be inspired, have the courage to trust your gut and defend at least 95% to the death. Inspiration, not duplication, shows up when you least expect it.” —Donald Edward Bermudez,

21. Multiplex


Design Firm Design Department, The University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK; | Creative Team McKenna Sanderson, designer/illustrator | Client Design Department, The University of Central Oklahoma | Details This promotional poster was for Multiplex, an exhibition featuring UCO Design student projects with multiple parts, including but not limited to: ad campaigns, branding and large-scale commercial and residential design.

22. Mumford & Sons Concert Poster


Design Firm J. Burwell Mixon Design, Starkville, MS; | Creative Team Jamie Burwell Mixon, designer/illustrator | Printer Horton Brothers Printing | Client Verizon Arena | Details This poster was created to promote a Mumford & Sons performance, with visuals speaking of a grand, magical mystical tour.

23. N2O Sketch Comedy Season Posters


Design Firm RL Boord, Chicago; | Creative Team Robert L. Boord, art director/designer/illustrator | Client N2O Sketch Comedy | Details The firm used a retro graphic style reminiscent of the DePatie-Freleng studio known for their sophisticated-but-not-stuffy comedy style—a perfect match for the client’s unique sense of humor.

24. Neenah Paper Beauty of Letterpress Poster


Design Firm Gee + Chung Design, San Francisco; | Creative Team Earl Gee, art director/designer/illustrator; TPD Design House, concept/design | Printer TPD Design House | Client Neenah Paper | Details Gee + Chung Design’s solution uses the iconic tools of letterpress as typographic forms to engage the viewer in discovering the beauty and tactile qualities of “The Art of Making an Impression.”

DESIGN TIP: “The most memorable designs have a timeless quality. They invite participation and engage the viewer with different levels of meaning, enabling the viewer to discover something new every time.” —Earl Gee, partner and creative director, Gee + Chung Design, San Francisco,

25. Nukes Are Not a Game


Designer/Client Sophia Greenbaum, Washington, DC; | Details This poster was inspired by a United Nations goal of eliminating weapons of mass destruction, specifically nuclear weapons, which continues to be a growing threat to humanity.

26. Orlando


Design Firm/Client 21XDesign, Broomall, PA; | Creative Team Dermot Mac Cormack, Patricia McElroy, art directors/designers; Brandon Wherley, designer | Details This poster is the firm’s way of making a statement about a tragedy while honoring the victims.

DESIGN TIP: “When we design a poster for subject matter that is serious and that looks for a call to action from the viewer, we try to make the message as simple and striking as possible so that it will elicit an emotional response. We want our imagery and message to stay with people and make them think about the subject matter.” —Patricia McElroy Creative Director at 21XDESIGN

27. Pássaros


Design Firm Casa Rex, São Paulo, Brazil; | Creative Team Gustavo Piqueira, art director/designer; Samia Jacintho, Marianne Meni, assistant designers | Client Move Institute | Details Developed for the vegan culture event “Move It,” the poster set presents ultra-synthentic images.

28. Pay It Forward


Design Firm/Client Column Five, Irvine, CA; | Creative Team Josh Ritchie, Nate Butler, art directors; Andrew Effendy, designer/illustrator/photographer; Lindsay Hathaway, copywriter | Printer Aardvark | Details The goal with this piece was to create a unique client gift that would both capture the spirit of the values the firm upholds and inspire greater good.

29. Rattles Poster Campaign


Design Firm Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto; | Creative Team Zak Mroueh, creative director; Andrea Romanelli, art director; Jonathan King, writer; Brandon Dyson; Jamie Morren, studio artists; Kari Macknight Dearborn, agency producer; Kate Torrance, account team; Todd McLellan, photographer | Printer Flash Reproductions | Client The Rattles | Details Mixing imagery of musical instruments with iconic Beatles song titles, the firm created bold visual metaphors for the promotion of Canada’s premiere Beatles tribute band.   

30. Rebus Sign Series


Design Firm/Client Baseman Design Associates, Jenkintown, PA; | Creative Team Frank Baseman, art director/designer/illustrator/copywriter/printer; Angela Baseman, Julian Baseman, Rosalie Baseman, copywriters | Details This series explored road signs reinterpreted as rebuses.

31. Steppenwolf Theatre 40th Anniversary


Design Firm Ogilvy & Mather Chicago; | Creative Team Joe Sciarrotta, Gabe Usadel, art directors; Christopher DeLorenzo, illustrator | Client Steppenwolf Theatre | Details For the 40th anniversary of the legendary Steppenwolf Theatre, Ogilvy asked 40 illustrators to create a poster of one of the 40 plays the theater has premiered.

32. The Rustic Events Posters

The Rustic_poster_FINAL

Design Firm Caliber Creative, Dallas; | Creative Team Brandon Murphy, art director/designer; Bret Sano, art director; Bryan Cleghorn, Silvia Erives, Alyssa Hechavarria, Kevin Johnson, designers; Karie Scuiller, account manager | Client The Rustic | Details From country to hip-hop and crawfish to brunch, these event posters feel lively, quirky and sprinkled with Southern charm, just like The Rustic.

33. Trump Poster


Title Trump Poster | Design Firm/Client Baseman Design Associates, Jenkintown, PA; | Creative Team Frank Baseman, art director/designer/illustrator/printer; Naomi Bilia, photographer; Adam Gopnik, copywriter | Details This poster was created to serve as a dire warning of the dangers of Donald Trump as U.S. President.

34. Unicorn Theatre


Design Firm Design Ranch, Kansas City, MO; | Client Unicorn Theatre | Details Design Ranch designed a set of illustrated posters to advertise Unicorn Theatre’s alternative show lineup.

35. Wheels4Water 2016 Ride Poster


Design Firm Rule29, Geneva, IL; | Creative Team Justin Ahrens, art director; Wills Francis, copywriter | Client Wheels4Water | Details The poster was created with the intent of educating and inspiring people to get involved with the organization’s efforts to help a community in Uganda gain access to safe water through cycling events.

36. Where it Lives: Kansas City’s 18th & Vine Jazz & Blues Festival


Designer David Terrill, Fairway, KS; | Client American Jazz Museum | Details This poster advertised the annual KC 18th & Vine Jazz & Blues Festival that takes place in the historic 18th & Vine Jazz district in Kansas City.