International Design Awards Winners 2017: Student

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Outstanding Achievement Winner in the Student Category

SpaceX Rebranding

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Student Yuma Naito, | Instructors Gerardo Herrera, Ryan D’Orazi | School ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, CA;

Merit Winners in the Student Category

1. #StandOpposedStayCivil


Student Maisie Cross, | Instructors UCO Design Faculty | School Department of Design, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK; | Details This project was about standing firm in one’s opinion yet civil with those who oppose one, because not all great minds think alike.

2. Alex Prager Artist Catalog


Student Morgan Gelfand, | Instructor Mark Willie | School Drexel University, Philadelphia; | Details The class assignment was to choose an artist and create an artist catalog; Gelfand was inspired by the drama and nostalgia in Alex Prager’s photos.

3. Between the Folds


Student Katherine King, | Instructor Richard Dendy | School Samford University, Birmingham, AL; | Details Between the Folds is a film that explores all the ways folding plays a role in our world.

4. Bobpop Food Truck Brand Identity Guidelines


Student Jimin Hong, | Instructor Sera Yoon | School Chung Ang University, Seoul, South Korea; | Details Bobpop is a cup rice food truck brand. Cup rice is Korea’s one of the most popular foods, but there is no cup rice brand in the nation.

5. Book Cover Redesign


Student Chiahsin Su, | Instructor David Hake | School Academy of Art University, San Francisco; | Details For a school project, Su was asked to choose three books to redesign and turn into a series.

DESIGN TIP: “I got inspiration from Japanese graphic designer Shigeo Fukuda. I tried to combine typeface and graphic. My intention [was] to make these three old classic novels look more contemporary.” —Chiahsin Su,

6. Circulo Once


Students Cecilia Alejandra Díaz, Sofía Maltos, Cynthia Fernández, Rocío Delgado, | Instructor Diana Woolrich | School Universidad de Monterrey, Monterrey, México; | Details We decided to give the brand a mysterious tone in the shopping dynamic and in the restaurant’s interior design; this creates the illusion of an exclusive social circle.

7. Design Department of Columbia College Chicago Identity


Students Pauline Santos, Julio Garcia, Kasi Goshinsky, Janet Chen, with photography by Jay Wolke | Printer M and G Graphics | Instructor Sarah Faust | School Columbia College Chicago;  |
Details Collateral included logo, identity manual, promotional booklet, environmental graphics, program description one sheets, newsletter and Keynote templates.

8. Finding Silhouette of Korea


Student Mogwon Son, | Instructor Chae Byung Rok | School Chung-ang University, Anseong; | Details These posters were made to find the silouette of Korea.

9. Food Truck Rodeo—Rochester


Student Chung Hui Pao, | School Pratt Institute, New York City; | Details Food Truck Rodeo is a local event hosted in Rochester, NY every year from summer to fall.

10. Immigration


Student Krishnapriya Dutta Gupta, | Instructor Andrew Loesel |
School Academy of Art University, San Francisco; | Details This typographical poster was made for a hypothetical social event on the immigrant experience.

DESIGN TIP: “Graphic design is a service industry. An effective design solution requires thorough research on the audience and medium. Most of my insight for a given project comes from proper understanding of the people I am designing for.” —Krishnapriya Dutta Gupta, graphic designer,

11. Ink Series


Student Daniel Frumhoff,; with photography by Hayden Molinarolo | Instructors Brian Woolbright, Allen Levin | School Webster University, St. Louis; | Details This is a series of sketchbook packages that enhances shop-ability through pattern and color.

12. Knockout


Student Jermaine Boca, | Instructor Sandy Stewart | School Drexel University, Philadelphia; | Details Experimental typography and non-traditional materials combine to create a publication about typography for readers with an interest in type and type designers.

13. Magnifi-cence


Student Ashley Drake, | Instructor UCO Design Faculty | School Department of Design, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK; | Details This is a poster series for an exhibition of macro photography.

14. Maruni


Student Jieun Yoon, | Instructor Hoshi Ludwig | School School of Visual Arts, New York City; | Details maruni is Japanese wood industry company from 1933; Yoon redesigned their logo with their handmade curve line and created a storytelling website that shows their brand identity.

15. Murakami Book Cover Series


Student Krishnapriya Dutta Gupta, Andrew Loesel | School Academy of Art University, San Francisco; | Details Gupta chose to design three fiction works by author Haruki Murakami that have similar recurrent themes of alienation and loneliness.

16. My Loyal Slaves Film Festival


Student Yun-Chih Chung, | Instructor Christopher Morlan | School Academy of Art University, San Francisco; | Details My Loyal Slaves is a hypothetical film festival that highlights the work of the director Roy Andersson by portraying the absurdity of human existence.

17. Open Studio—Design for Participatory Art in Museums

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Student Jiaojiao Xu, | Instructor Søren Rosenbak | School Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå, Sweden; | Details Open Studio is a service that enables visitors in art museums to participate in exhibitions with their creations made in the museum workshop.

18. Patriot Paddles


Students Elena Chudoba, Andrew Czap | Instructor Ben Dolezal | School University of Texas at Arlington; | Details Patriot Paddles is a line of ping pong paddles that celebrates the rush of game, American history, good times and freedom.

19. Quirk Theatre: Shakesqueer 2017


Student Theodor Swanson, | Instructor Eric Karnes |
School Drexel University, Philadelphia; | Details This is a conceptual identity for Quirk Theatre, a company that produces LGBTQ theatrical works.

20. Uff—Fanzine for the Common Whiner


Student Shani Sofer, | Instructor Anat Katzir | School Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, Jerusalem; | Details Sofer wanted this fanzine to scream “whiners” through size (broadsheet), typography, design, color and images.

21. Upon A Doi

Students HaeJi An; with photography by Sarun Kijsupanont and Teerachai Sanjaisri | Instructor Permsak Suwannatat | Printer Printery Co., Ltd | School Mahidol University International College, Salaya, Nakhorn Prathon, Thailand; | Details The goal was to create a tourism campaign that encourages Thai people to travel in Thailand, focusing on the areas of Doi.

22. Wald Paper


Student Elena Chudoba, | Instructor Lisa Graham | School University of Texas at Arlington; | Details “Respekt”’ is a line of paper showcasing unlimited creativity on postcard paper samples, committed to a sustainable future and responsible printing.

23. { t } telegraphe cafe


Student Chung Hui Pao, | School Pratt Institute, New York City; | Details The design captures the simplicity and character of Telegraphe Cafe by utilizing only typography and specific symbols to build the entire campaign and to stimulate conversation between the coffee shop and the customer.