International Design Awards Winners 2018: 3D Objects

The HOW International Design Awards has been recognizing excellence on a global scale for 25 years now. Explore winners in the 3D Objects category below, and if you want to get your hands on the amazing prizes we’re offering HOW competition winners this year, check out all the open competitions and enter your best work today. We hope to see you at our next trophy ceremony—and in HOW+PRINT’s all-new book (we can’t wait for you to see it)!

Merit Winners in the 3D Objects Category

1. Epic Notebook

Design Firm WPA Pinfold, Leeds, West Yorkshire; | Creative Team Richard Hurst, creative director; John Atkin, designer | Client Epic Print

2. Kisses Lip Balm

Company/Client The Hershey Company, Hershey, PA; | Creative Team Hershey Global Design Team; Hershey Global Licensing; CAA-GBG; GBG Beauty; Leigh Beisch, photographer

3. Wink Limited Edition Containers

Design Firm/Client Wink, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Scott Thares, art director/designer/illustrator; Jenny Moran, Tim Cronin, designers/illustrators; Todd Hafermann, photographer; Spark Letterpress; Husbands, silkscreen

4. Paying Cards

Design Firm/Client Studio O+A, San Francisco; | Creative Team Elizabeth Vereker, art director/illustrator; Amy Young, designer/illustrator/photographer; Olivia Ward, Donald Koide, illustrators; Al McKee, copywriter | Printer Quality Playing Cards & Games

5. Strike: Valentine’s Matches

Design Firm/Client SK Designworks Inc., Philadelphia; | Creative Team Soonduk Krebs, art director/designer/illustrator/copywriter; Georgiana Constantinescu, Alyssa Brensinger, designers/illustrators | Printer Cannon Graphics