International Design Awards Winners 2018: Illustration/Photography

The HOW International Design Awards has been recognizing excellence on a global scale for 25 years now. Explore winners in the Illustration/Photography category below, and if you want to get your hands on the amazing prizes we’re offering HOW competition winners this year, check out all the open competitions and enter your best work today. We hope to see you at our next trophy ceremony—and in HOW+PRINT’s all-new book (we can’t wait for you to see it)!

Merit Winners in the Illustration/Photography Category

1. ROBOTS 2017

Design Firm TOFU Studio, Gdańsk, Poland; | Creative Team Adam Chyliński, art director/designer/illustrator; Zuza Zamorska, Ola Gołębiewska, Marcin Chyliński, designers/illustrators; Adrian Samselski, designer; Ksawery Kirklewski, website code; Dawid Lewandowski, Marcin A. Steczkowski, sound designers | Printer Normex | Client Krwinka

2. Star Trek

Design Firm The Heads of State, Philadelphia; | Creative Team William J. Gicker, creative director (U.S. Postal Service); Antonio Alcalá, art director; The Heads of State, design/illustration | Client U.S. Postal Service

3. Jack Stack Barbecue Email Illustrations

Design Firm DMH, Kansas City, MO; | Creative Team Brian Merckens, creative director; Tanya Stevens, account director; Rob Mitchell, art director/designer/illustrator; Jared Bergeron, designer/illustrator; West Valentine, copywriter; Allison Barbarash, account manager; Lauren Hilboldt, project manager | Client Jack Stack Barbecue

4. Fauxsaics

Designer/Client Nick Misani, New York City;

5. Twangarita Spirit Animals

Design Firm Whiskey Design, Kansas City, MO; | Creative Team Matt Wegerer, art director; Micah Barta, art director/designer/illustrator | Client Twang Partners

6. Texquisite Corpse

Designer/Client Jeff Crosby, Austin, TX; | Creative Team Jeff Crosby, designer/illustrator | Client ICON 9

7. A Bird in the Hand

Design Firm/Client Wallace Church & Co., New York City; | Creative Team Stan Church, art director; Dean MacAdam, illustrator

8. Grand Hôtel Illustrations

Design Firm Priority, Stockholm, Sweden; | Creative Team Jan Vana, art director/illustrator | Client Grand Hôtel

9. Sage Heroic Customer Photography

Design Firm Sage Brand Lab, San Francisco | Creative Team Alex Grossman, executive creative director; Joe Franklin, creative director; various photographers | Client Sage Corporate

10. Kit Kat Stylized Photography

Design Firm Anomaly, New York City; | Creative Team Nicole Karalekas, senior art director; Henry Zhang, social media art director; Sarah Ann Ward, photographer; Viktor Angwald, senior copywriter; Kira Pack, social media copywriter; Holly Sloofman, account director; Eugene Jho, food stylist; JoJo Li, prop stylist | Client The Hershey Company

11. America’s Next Top Model – Show Open

Design Firm/Client VH1, New York City; | Creative Team Amy Campbell, SVP brand creative and production; Rodger Belknap, Catherine Chesters, Drew Elliot, creative directors; Victor Newman, art director; Jeff Chong, Kee Koo, designers; Theron Lon, director; Piotr Sikora, photographer; Jeremy Hammond, supervising producer; Isiah Brightly, May Azcue, project managers; Nate Buchik, editor; Eddie Cooper, sound design; Becca Vesperino, graphics producer; John Ciampa, colorist; Anna Trevelyan, stylist; Devra Kinrey, makeup