International Design Awards Winners 2018: Video

The HOW International Design Awards has been recognizing excellence on a global scale for 25 years now. Explore winners in the Video category below, and if you want to get your hands on the amazing prizes we’re offering HOW competition winners this year, check out all the open competitions and enter your best work today. We hope to see you at our next trophy ceremony—and in HOW+PRINT’s all-new book (we can’t wait for you to see it)!

Merit Winners in the Video Category

1. MODE Opener 2017

Designer Brent Barson, Springvile, UT; | Creative Team Brent Barson, art director/designer; Micah Dahl Anderson, music | Client Motion Design Education Summit

2. Let’s Be Frank

Design Firm 50,000feet, Chicago; | Creative Team 50,000feet, art direction/design; Maday Productions | Client Wilson Staff

3. Sage Holiday Film

Design Firm Pereira & O’dell, San Francisco; | Creative Team Alex Grossman, executive creative director (Sage) | Client Sage Corporate

4. REA Real Promo

Design Firm/Client REA, New York City; | Creative Team Joseph Antonios, art director/designer; Thomas Rosselli, designer/animator/photographer; Bhargav Gandhi, developer; Joseph Antonios, copywriter

5. A Balloon for Ben

Design Firm Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto; | Creative Team Zak Mroueh, chief creative officer; Allen Oke, executive creative director; Guilherme Bermejo, art director; Nick Doerr, copywriter; Tara Handley, agency producer; Roy Gruia, Kendal Saby, account team; Heidi Philip, chief strategy officer; Isobar Canada, media agency; Damien Lemaitre, Vanessa Pineau, media agency planners; Hornet, production house/animation/colorist/transfer; Yves Geleyn, director; Desiree Stavracos, production house producer; Hill + Knowlton, PR agency; Vapor RMW, audio post facility/music house; Joey Serlin, audio director; Kailee Nowosad, producer; Julian Rudd, engineer | Client Cineplex Entertainment

6. Microsoft—Easton & Momo Documentary Series

Design Firm Belief Agency, Seattle; | Creative Team Jesse Bryan, creative director; Heather Croteau, copywriter; David Faddis, Ryan Ford, Andy Maier, fi lmmakers/fi lm editors; Leah Andrews, assistant fi lm editor; Hannah Lofgren, Jonathan Dunn, producers; Michelle Henley, producer/filmmaker/photographer; Johnny Valencia, Kevin Lang, filmmakers; Brooke Fitts, Mark Malijan, photographers; Adam McCollom, Mike Ladisa, Marco Mendoza, audio engineers; Jonathan Dunn, Marcus Hackler, Joel Cummings, 06 account managers | Client Microsoft

7. America’s Next Top Model – Premiere

Design Firm/Client VH1, New York City; | Creative Team Amy Campbell, SVP brand creative & production; Rodger Belknap, Catherine Chesters, creative directors; Victor Newman, art director; Kee Koo, Jeff Chong, designers; Khadija Abuyousif, writer/director; Jeremy Hammond, supervising producer; Chan Booth, line producer; Emily Alexander-Wilmeth, production manager; May Azcue, project manager; Joe Victorine, director of photography; Nate Buchik, editor; Eddie Cooper, sound design; Isaac Ayers, music supervisor; Becca Vesperino, graphics producer; John Ciampa, colorist; Karen Levitt, wardrobe

8. Too Cool For School – 5 Products

Design Firm Crosspoint, Seoul, South Korea and New York | Creative Team Young Ah Kim, creative director; Yona Lee, Yein Kwak, art directors/designers; Hatori Sando, illustrator; Kimo Kim, photographer; Samer Ghadry, copywriter; McGrew, cinematography; Dion Lee, editor | Client Too Cool For School

9. One Thing Video

Design Firm FleishmanHillard, St. Louis; | Creative Team Ben Bohling, creative director/copywriter; Thomas Hudder, art director; Jim Woodcock, account director; Cassie Parker, producer; Michael Kuhn, editor; Briana Gilomen, project manager | Client American Red Cross of Greater St. Louis

10. “No Contest Taste Test” Video

Design Firm FleishmanHillard, St. Louis, MO; | Creative Team Nick Holder, creative director/copywriter; Nate Woodard, creative director/director; Tim Murphy, art director; Cassie Parker, producer; Jack Farmer, account director; Noah Readhead, editor | Client Krispy Kreme