Resources for Creative Professional’s Guide to Money

Here is the beginning of the resources referred to in the margin notes of the Creative Professional’s Guide to Money, by Ilise Benun.

Sample documents:

Long Proposal:

Web Site Questionnaire:

Logo Questionnaire:

9 thoughts on “Resources for Creative Professional’s Guide to Money

  1. Elizabeth Friedman

    On page 37 there is a margin reference to a “sample budget” that seems to be missing here….. would love to see it! Thank you!

    1. Chrystale Thompson

      I’ve asked the same question. It would be great to see for sure. From what I understand Ilise had some trouble getting permission to use one but will be trying to post one soon. This was the response I received June 6, 2011. Hope to see something soon. Cheers!

  2. Todd Dawson

    I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!!!!!!

    I was especially interested in time-tracking software… On page 61 you had a margin note saying this page would have “recommendations for handy gadgets and cool tools for tracking time,” but I don’t see them…

    Any chance they’ll get posted soon? Curious minds want to know. 🙂

  3. Arthur

    I read your book and learned a lot of things I wish I would have know earlier in my freelance career.
    In the column of page 208 it say there is a sample contract to download. I don’t see it here. The contract is the one area I am really trying to refine in the next couple months and one reason why I initially picked up your book.
    Can you please send me a lin to the sample contract download?