Designers are busy. And that’s where Parse comes in. We’re chewing through the best design-related content, and offering up distillations you can digest in five minutes or less. Think of it as tapas for your brain. (Don’t worry, we’ll link to the full course meal in case we’ve whetted your appetite.)

Do Field Tests

In the world of verbals & visuals, subjectivity reigns. So how, in a discipline filled with varying opinions, do you know for sure something will work? I call them field tests.

Walk in Stupid

We know creativity at its core is problem solving, so as creatives, how do we force ourselves to selectively use the education we’ve gained from past experiences in an effort to ‘walk in stupid’ on our next project?

Change Client Perceptions of Your Firm

Ever return to a reunion and been frustrated when former classmates are surprised at your success? It may be human nature to pigeonhole each other, and since (most) clients are human, they have a natural tendency to make assumptions about your firm's abilities that will be tough to change. Here are 6 things to...

Weed Out Bad Clients

We've all experienced difficult clients, and designers need an equally well-tuned sensitivity to quickly recognize them. That’s essentially what the qualifying process is for.

Be Antisocial

Social media is ever-increasing, engaging, and addicting social lifestyle that pulls us further and further away from much-needed focus on ourselves, our work, and toward intermittent breaks for real social interaction.