Celebrate Your Entrepreneurial Weirdness

by Marcia Hoeck

My dad always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be, but I’m not sure he realized how much I took his words to heart. He didn’t think I’d be an entrepreneur. But he did know that I was different.

If you’re the owner of your business, you’re different, too. Sure, everyone has always told you you were creative, and that’s made you stand out as different. But if you go a step further and own a creative business, you’ve got a double shot of creativity. Creative entrepreneurs are creatively different. Sometimes it can be a bit lonely and unnerving, but it’s absolutely something to celebrate.

You can take control and make something out of nothing—that’s what you’ve done with your business, do you realize that? You’re an entrepreneur—that’s really something. You’re grabbing control of your life, of your circumstances. Whether it seems like it to you or not, you’re taking considerable initiative and risk. You don’t take the easy way out.

And you’ve made something out of nothing. Wow, just think about that. Even if you’ve taken over something that already existed, you’re improving it, tweaking it, breathing life into it. Really creating.

You care a lot—you’re like really obsessed. One of the biggest shocks I got when I started my own business, and this sounds really obvious, was that no one else was as obsessed with my business as I was.

Does your spouse want to hear about your business all the time? Is he really all that interested? How about your team, if you have one? Even if you’ve got the best employees and/or assistants around, are they coming to you all the time with great ideas for business building? Is anyone 100% focused on your business 24/7 like you are? A friend of mine once put it this way, and I think it perfectly sums it up—like the Farmer in the Dell, the cheese really does stand alone. You care. It’s your baby.

Your brain works differently. Not everyone can do what you do. Even if they want to, not everyone thinks the way you do. You know this. You know there are people you can talk to about what you do and those who just don’t understand. It’s not a reflection on them, there are probably things they can do that you can’t. Your brain just works differently.

People marvel and think you’re strange. Your team thinks you have your head in the clouds, and they often look at you like deer caught in the headlights. Your spouse may think your business is just a hobby, and of course you can pick up the dry cleaning and do errands during the day. No one who has not run their own creative business will have a clue what you do every day or why you’re doing it.

You’re not crazy—you’re just different, and probably a little bit weird. Understanding these things about yourself and your situation will help reduce the stress that comes along with owning a creative business.

Vintage black and white family photo, one child in wild pink outfit
You’re not crazy—you’re just different, and probably a little bit weird. Understanding these things about yourself and your situation will help reduce the stress that comes along with owning a creative business.

Quick Tips
1. Recognize the fact that not everyone can take control and make something out of nothing. Give yourself credit for what you’re doing by running a business, then let it go and get on with your work.

2. It’s true that no one cares as much as you do—after all, not everyone wants to help you plan your next vacation or hear about every cute thing your baby did. Even if they work with you or are married to you, no one will care about your business as much as you do. Accept it and don’t force it on anyone.

3. Not everyone will understand you or what you are doing—that’s okay too. As long as you know what you’re doing. And if you feel like you don’t, think about getting some help (a consultant, mentor, or coach).

4. Just understanding these things about yourself and your situation will take a lot of stress off of you. So don’t keep comparing yourself to other people—celebrate your weirdness!

Dig Deeper!
1. There are people who will come very close to understanding you and caring as much as you do if you look for them. Find or put together a peer group or mastermind group of business owners where you can share ideas and challenges. Seek them out—these people are different, too!

2. Go to conferences and workshops to rub shoulders with your own kind. The obvious: HOW Conference and MYOB. There’s also AIGA’s GAIN and other creative and business oriented events where you can meet like-minded people and celebrate your weirdness.

3. Seek frequently updated blogs, forums, and websites that talk to you and your particular interests, like Marcia Hoeck’s PowerSmarts.

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Entrepreneurial Weirdness

  1. Marcia Hoeck

    Thanks, Chris. It can be a lonely path if we forget to celebrate who we are and what we can do. Sometimes it takes stepping back and looking at ourselves from the outside to really appreciate what we do. Happy to have inspired!