Designers are busy. And that’s where Parse comes in. We’re chewing through the best design-related content, and offering up distillations you can digest in five minutes or less. Think of it as tapas for your brain. (Don’t worry, we’ll link to the full course meal in case we’ve whetted your appetite.)

Drive Success with Strategy

It’s often said that designers are problem solvers. In fact, that is often the aspect of our work that we are the most passionate about. What’s the key to solving problems consistently and most effectively? Design Strategy.

Measure Design

Designers are always working on building trust with their clients. In order to effectively work towards meeting the many challenges our planet faces, or simply helping businesses create better relationships with their customers, designers need to be valued and respected.

Pursue Creativity

There’s a difference between a passion and a pursuit, and that difference defines us as creatives. Many of us love design, we love writing, we love illustration. But few of us pursue these crafts with the verve required to truly master them.

Control Feedback, Establish Respect

Remember why we seek feedback. We are looking for answers to questions that will help us create a stronger solution. Open ended questions invite rambling discussion and myriad opportunities for personal preferences to be injected into the dialogue.

Make Some Holiday Flypaper

PARSE SELF PROMOTION WEEK: A well-done promotion is one that has a straightforward purpose, a simple message… and is as “sticky” as possible. Another key element to promotions is to create them in a way that makes them stick out yet not be… well, annoying.

Fix Your Biggest People Problems

Many small-business owners find managing employees one of their biggest challenges. Employee problems are not only driving you crazy, they’re costing you money. If you’re having a problem retaining and engaging good employees, you’re probably making at least one of these three mistakes. Here's how to fix them.

Share Your Vocabulary

The language we use to explain our work often reflects the attributes to which we assign the most importance. Giving your clients a consistent indication of where to focus their attention will help them give more useful comments and keep the project on track.

Write Now

The act of writing on a regular basis is the only thing standing between your site being what it is today and being a reliable source of new business for your firm.

Lead User-Centered Ideation

Bridging the gap from research to idea development can be stumbling block for many designers. With a bit of creative planning, your brainstorming sessions can yield ideas meaningful to your intended user.