Share Your Passion With The World

by Ric Grefe, Executive Director, AIGA

What are you thinking about the future of design? Share it quickly, easily and be heard!

AIGA is re-imagining itself to transform an institution that has been vital for a century into one that plays an even more important role in addressing everyone’s aspirations for design in the new century.

Take your parsing skills and reveal your interests, needs and expectations for the profession and for any organization that supports the community on Twitter during One Day for Design, April 13.

One Day for Design will be initiated and reinvigorated all day by thoughtful designers around the world—including, officially, Alex Bogusky, Doug Bowman, Liz Danzico, Debbie Millman, Erik Spiekermann, Armin Vit, Alissa Walker and Katherine Walker. They will be posting provocative questions on Twitter throughout the day. Questions and replies will all be posted on, where anyone can comment—with or without a Twitter account. So visit the site or use your own Twitter account.

We’re interested in seeking broad input on what is expected of an organization supporting the collective aspirations of a fast-adapting profession and expect engagement from our friends in the Netherlands, Denmark, England, South Africa, Korea, the Emirates, Australia and beyond.

You do not have to be a member of AIGA to participate. In fact, we’ve invited our fellow design organizations in the United States and abroad to participate, as we think it’s important to obtain a broad cross-section of designers and design enthusiasts from a wide range of disciplines. The future of design belongs to all of us.

The day starts early with questions from moderators in Europe, so as soon as you sit down with a cup of coffee on April 13, you can participate by tagging your tweets with #1D4D.

We hope you’ll join us for this important discussion. We will spend several weeks parsing the themes from the discourse and sharing them with all, even as we use the conversation as a driving force in redefining one design organization and its activities.