Stop Cold Calling

by Peleg Top

A client of mine took upon himself the task of cold calling prospects to help grow his creative business and add to new people to his marketing machine. He is dreading every call and finding it to be one of the most uninspiring marketing tasks he does.

Cold calling has always been something people dread doing but seem to believe that it’s a necessary action they need to take. The problem with cold calling is that it’s simply not an enjoyable process and when we don’t enjoy something it becomes difficult, we procrastinate and never really get any satisfying results.

The main problem with cold calling is that it’s mostly an act that is all about YOU. You are calling a stranger and asking for something hoping to make a connection. The person on the other end of the telephone usually feels like they are being harassed and will generally put their guard up right away. Think about how you react when you receive a cold call.

If you change your approach to calling you will no longer have to make another cold call, ever. You will start making service calls instead of calling strangers on the phone.

First, slow down. This is not a numbers game. This is about making true, authentic connection with another human being. Make it a meaningful conversation. Identifying the person you want to connect with, research him or her, visit their website, learn as much as you can about their company and see what comes up for you when you do that. Take the time and invest in getting to know the person you are about to connect with. Ask yourself: how could I serve this client? What do I have to offer that will actually help transform and grow their business?

Only when you have clear ideas (and a few creative ones!) on providing something unique for this client, that’s when you pick up the phone and make that call. Now it’s no longer a cold call. Now you are calling with specific intention to serve and help.

But what about the confidence to pick up the phone and make the call? One thing that gets in the way is our own internal critic and self-doubt that we’re actually good enough to retain the client or serve them well. Or maybe worse, that we deserve to get paid well for the work that we do.

One solution to getting into the right frame of mind before making a call is to spend a few minutes reading a collection of praises and thanks you’ve received from your current clients. Spend a few minutes reminding yourself how good you are, how much you have to offer and the big difference you make in people’s lives.

Now you are no longer making a cold call. You are making a service call. You making a connection with someone you can help. Your service call actually has something real to offer that is specific to that one individual you spent time learning about. When your prospects on the other line see how vested you are in them, chances are they will be much more open to having a conversation with you. They will be more open to talking because you are calling from a true place of service to them.

If you turn your cold calling into service calling, you’ll have more fun, you’ll look forward to connecting with people and you’ll see how your business is growing.

Stop cold calling potential clients

Stop cold calling! First, we all don’t really like to do it and second, nobody really likes to get those calls anyway! Turn your Cold Call into a Service Call by researching the potential client and finding a way to really serve them. Doing this allows you to make a human connection and give purpose to the conversation for both parties.

Quick Tips
1. Take some time to research your prospects

2. Think about specific ideas on ways you can help them

3. Make your call a “service call” and focus on helping them, not selling to them

4. Don’t get attached to the outcome of the call.

Dig Deeper!
1. IGet into the serving mindset with one of the most important books written on the topic. The Servant: A Simple Story About The Essence Of True Leadership by James C. Hunter.

2. David Rosen, salesman extraordinary shares some of his ideas around cold calling in this month’s issue of INC magazine. Read the article “There’s no such thing as a wrong number”

3 thoughts on “Stop Cold Calling

  1. Kelly King

    Peleg is right on the money with these words of calling wisdom. Let’s face it, we all hate cold calling. I simply refuse to do it . . . totally cold. Approaching with an idea is SO much more powerful and immediately positions you as an expert in whatever you are proposing.

    I’d like to add that it does not have to be a phone call. I often make suggestions when I run into potential clients at events or social engagements. I’ll say something like “I saw a really innovative/creative (marketing piece/strategy) that made me think of you and I was wanting to talk to you about it.” The key words are “made me think of you”. That definitely surprises them and gets their attention. Try it!

  2. Cheryl Savala

    Great perspective Peleg! Crafting a service call is all about the person on the other line. If we create authentic relationships, engaging in a conversation is much more productive. Business owners get cold calls daily. Whether it’s from Bookkeepers fishing for new business, phone carriers looking to convert an account or real estate brokers eyeing at potential investors, they often reach a brick wall. Prospects do not create an audience. Each is an individual with viable needs, daily risks and limited time. By speaking specifically to these areas, we build more lasting connections.

  3. TheTodd

    This article needs a LOT of elaboration. It just makes me feel lost and stressed out because it doesn’t say anything about HOW to do any of the steps. How could you ever get enough info about a company that you don’t work for to just jump in and know what’s going to help them? Do I need to go get a marketing degree on top of my design degree?
    I’m sorry, I’m sure if you’re like Cheryl or Kelly in the comments above and already understand and swear by this method, they probably love hearing about stuff like this just so they can jump on the comments and agree with you, but the rest of us need to know how it’s done. Otherwise this article is useless.
    This is website is called HOW. Tell us HOW.