Poster Design Awards: Reader’s Choice Voting

There’s just something about posters, right? Whether it’s an event poster design or one used to promote a social cause, great posters have the ability to live on even after they’ve faded on the wall.

The poster designs below were the top entries in the 6th Annual Poster Design Awards. Until 11:59 pm ET on Tuesday, Dec. 22, you had the chance to vote for one Reader’s Choice Award winner, which will soon receive additional attention as a featured project in HOW magazine.

Thanks for casting your vote!

2 thoughts on “Poster Design Awards: Reader’s Choice Voting

  1. bobshea


    Decisive design conveying a simple, lightning-legible concept.

    No flips and tricks, this poster reminds us that solid, masterful design is beautiful.

  2. akeep

    Hmm, a little confused about the end date for voting. Is it Monday, December 22nd, or Tuesday, December 23rd? Also, at least in safari and firefox, I’m not seeing how to vote (perhaps because voting is closed?)