Promotion & Marketing Design Awards 2017: Client Promotions

The HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards is the only award that specifically recognizes the best promotional design. View the winners in the client promotions category of the 2017 Awards below, and subscribe today so that you can go behind the scenes with the top winners as soon as the printed issues lands in your mailbox in September. 

Outstanding Achievement Winner in the Client Promos Category

1903 | A Harley-Davidson Cafe

Design Firm
Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto; | Creative Team Zak Mroueh, chief creative officer; Allen Oke, executive creative director; Ryan Booth, design director/designer; Andrew Caie, associate creative director/writer; Noel Fenn, associate creative director/art director/designer; Curtis Denomme, art director/social; Michael Headford, Jason Baker, Goldmond Fong, Laura Friedmann, Patrick Nichols, Dan Lim, photographers; George Ault, writer; Joel Felker, writer/social; Greg Heptinstall, Brandon Dyson, Ashleigh O’Brien, Andrew Martin, Amanda Braun, studio artists; Kari Macknight Dearborn, Laura Dubcovsky, Pam Portsmouth, agency producers; Kerry McKibbin, Maya Adler, account team; Heidi Philip, Jamie Cuthbertson, strategists; Sam Kamiel, strategist/social; Ian Reynolds, sound recording; Jan Kelley, media agency; Stephanie Spinney, media team; Weber Shandwick, PR agency; Melissa Graham, Sophie Shin, Dana Frank, PR team; The Mint Agency, event company/construction/interior design/fabrication; Andrew Gayle, Jennifer Langen, Jon Davine, Mint project management; Mint Interior Design: Adam Elijah, Mint interior design; Humberto Garcia, lead fabricator | Printers Flash Reproductions, Toronto Ink Company | Client Harley-Davidson Canada

Details Aiming to build a welcoming space where guests could engage with Harley on an emotional level, Zulu Alpha Kilo created 1903 | A Harley Davidson Café as a nod to 1960s café racer culture, when riders would race stripped down, lightweight bikes from one café to another. The firm conceived and designed every inch of the café to pay homage to the brand’s craft heritage—from handcrafted signage to cold-brew bottles to the staff’s denim aprons. They even developed an ink made from the actual coffee the café serves, giving posters and cup stamps the texture and scent of real coffee.

Merit Winners in the Client Promos Category

1. Baytril Otic Fight Nasty Calendar


Design Firm Sullivan Higdon & Sink, Kansas City, MO; | Creative Team Jon Kowing, creative director; Ann Alcasabas, art director/designer; Jordan Haiduk, producer; Brandon Voges, photographer (Bruton|Stroube); Nick Kinney, copywriter; Jessica Hachtel, Isabel Manalo, brand managers; Amanda Hembree, account director; Tara Wiley, project manager | Client Bayer | Details This series of boxing posters shows what nasty ear infections can do to dogs and how Baytril Otic can help veterinarians fight nasty for the health of their patients.

2. Auburn Graphic Design Juried Student Show Poster


Design Firm Courtney Windham Design, Auburn, AL; | Creative Team Courtney Windham, art director/designer/illustrator | Printers Courtney Windham, Jerrod Windham  | Client Auburn University School of Industrial + Graphic Design | Details The design of this screenprinted poster was inspired by the beauty of springtime and the renewed feeling of energy and ideas that come with the start of a new season.

3. BirchboxMan Visual Identity Redesign

client promotions


Design Firm Siegel+Gale, New York City; | Creative Team Kate Hilliard, creative director; Jonathan Field, design director | Client Birchbox | Details To ensure the brand would appeal to a broad male audience, the firm created an identity rooted in the concept of leveling up.

4. Birchbox Visual Identity Redesign

client promotions


Design Firm Siegel+Gale, New York City; | Creative Team Kate Hilliard, creative director; Jonathan Field, design director | Client Birchbox | Details Siegel+Gale helped Birchbox define an underserved audience as “The Beauty Majority,” developing an identity where perfection isn’t idolized and beauty is fun. Graphic elements employing gestural brushstrokes and other “marks of the hand” create an aesthetic that celebrates what beauty really is. 

5. Breathing Lights Program Guide

client promotions


Design Firm The Foundry for Art Design + Culture, Cohoes, NY; | Creative Team Alana Sparrow, art director/designer; Judie Gilmore, copywriter | Printer Fort Orange Press | Client Breathing Lights | Details The Foundry designed this program guide to support a $1 million public art project, Breathing Lights, which spanned three cities in upstate New York.

6. Carpenter Studio

client promotions


Design Firm Minima Advertising People, Poznań, Poland; | Creative Team Krzysztof Fabianowski, art director/designer/photographer; Dorota Wątkowska, photographer; Tomasz Hilbert, Lucyna Eich, copywriters; Anna Szymczak, business director | Client Carpenter Studio | Details The visual identity refers to the key aspects of the furniture creation—design exquisiteness, small-batch production, natural materials and absolute precision, hence the claim “the devil’s in the details” and the logo resembling a cross-section of a tree.

7. City Seeds Cookie Packaging

client promotions


Design Firm Stuckey Design, Baltimore; | Creative Team Wesley Stuckey, art director | Client City Seeds | Details This packaging was designed to help protect the cookies from unnecessary breakage while also elevating the experience. The soft, complex color palettes and botanical drawings were inspired by vintage seed packaging. 

8. Formatical Catalog

client promotions


Design Firm SDCO Partners, Charleston, SC; Partners | Creative Team Amy Pastre, art director/designer; Courtney Rowson, art director | Client Formatical | Details A mixture of materials, print processes, shapes and typography collide in this print collateral, which Formatical uses to attract retailers and like-minded brands.

9. Hotel Covington

client promotions


Design Firm Reign Studio, Newport, KY; | Creative Team Gina Tesnar, art director/designer; Lindsay Estes, checker boards and wood menus producer (Lucca Lasershop); Grainwell, barrel art installation production/installation; Jeremy Kramer, project photographs | Printers Otto Printing, United States Playing Card Company | Client Hotel Covington | Details The client asked Reign Studio to create a hotel brand that both embraced the history of the building and the neighborhood and had a modern feel.

10. JBL Time Square Subway Takeover – NYC

client promotions


Design Firm TracyLocke, Wilton, CT; | Creative Team Chris Nazzaro, creative director; Aaron Schrade, associate creative director; Michael Katits, Kyleene Palagar, Matt Bourque, Chuck Borgerding, Ryan Delaney, Krista Sullivan, Ryan Gaylets, Natalia Kowalski, Allie Priddy, Matt Brinker, art directors; John Goodman, Scott McVeigh, Jason Paruta, Eric Blum, Paul Swiatek, Mike Nejame, designers; Eric Gilbert, Nicole Madeira, photographers; Brandon Ma, Kaitlyn Pennybacker, Janine Graffeo, copywriters | Client Harman | Details When JBL procured a media opportunity within the Grand Central Metro System, TracyLocke engaged its Design Collective to concept, shoot and develop unique product experiences within each train car.


11. JRINK Branding

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Design Firm Design Army, Washington, DC; | Creative Team Pum Lefebure, chief creative officer; Jake Lefebure, CEO; Gabriela Hernandez, designer | Client JRINK | Details When JRINK wanted a “reboot” reflective of its socially conscious lifestyle, Design Army decluttered labels, redesigned the logo and revised the packaging to reflect the brand’s personality.

12. Lion Country Safari – In Your Backyard

client promotions


Design Firm Ideabar, West Palm Beach, FL; | Creative Team Kevin Blandon, art director, Jorge Gomez, digital design consultant; Daniel Sauceda, graphic designer | Client Lion Country Safari | Details Lion County Safari’s existing photography of close encounters left a lot to be desired, so Ideabar digitally composited stock photos.

13. Nostalgic Save-the-Date

client promotions


Design Firm Gifts for the Good Life, Severna Park, MD; | Creative Team Susan Turnock, art director; Heather Arak-Kanofsky, art director/illustrator; Bethany Coyle, designer/illustrator; Nathan Kanofsky, designer/photographer | Printer Gifts for the Good Life | Client Client name omitted to protect privacy | Details This wedding weekend save-the-date package was designed to excite and prepare guests/“campers” for experiences ranging from outdoorsy to black tie, with a nod to nostalgic camp trunks and packing lists.

14. The One Club Branding

client promotions


Design Firm Design Army, Washington, DC;  | Creative Team Pum Lefebure, chief creative officer; Jake Lefebure, CEO; Marisa Hsu, art director | Client The One Club | Details Developed in partnership with The Martin Agency, this informative and straightforward pocket-sized book is a powerful tool for distinguishing between The One Club and its annual award competition, The One Show.

15. Optum – Day Zero

client promotions

Design Firm Bloomberg Media, New York City; | Creative Team Fernando Mancuello, creative lead/art director; Kim Coyle, art director; Edward Adams, project producer; Scotty Shuckies, video producer; Mark Robin, video editor; Matthew Wurman, project manager | Client Optum | Details “Day Zero” recounts how a transplant patient’s life was saved with the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

16. Pets with Credit



Design Firm Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto; | Creative Team Zak Mroueh, chief creative officer; Allen Oke, executive creative director; Fiorella Martinez, art director; Jacob Pacey, copywriter; Tara Cochrane, Tara Handley, agency producers; Rob Feightner, Laura Robinson, Winnie Hsiao, account team; Emma Brooks, strategic planner; zulubot, production house; Shaam Makan, executive producer; Sean Wainsteim, director; Marc Juliar, line producer; Jackson Parrell, director of photography; and others | Client Interac Association | Details To illustrate the perils of credit card debt and encourage Canadians to instead pay with Interac Debit, the firm made a short based-on-reality “dogumentary” about a dog who accidentally receives a credit card—and actually uses it.

17. plnthouse Brand Campaign

client promotions


Design Firm helium creative, Fort Lauderdale, FL; | Creative Team Christopher Heller, Ryan Heller, art directors; Kelly Gedvilas, designer | Client plnthouse | Details The firm was brought on to brand a new plant-based, fast-casual café located inside the iconic 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach.

18. Sprigs & Spirits

client promotions


Design Firm Xdesign Inc., Baton Rouge, LA; | Creative Team Hunter Territo, president/creative director, Quinton Jason, interactive director; Tiffanie Pitre, art director; Simone Begneaud, designer; Vitalija Svencionyte, illustrator; Paige Fenerty, copywriter | Printer Giraphic Prints | Client Capitol City Produce | Details Xdesign created this campaign so the client could showcase its products in a cocktail creation contest.

19. The (Very) Political Collection

client promotions


Design Firm Design Army, Washington, DC; | Creative Team Pum Lefebure, chief creative officer; Jake Lefebure, CEO; Mariela Hsu, Sucha Becky, art directors; Lillian Ling, Gabriela Hernandez, Paul Dunbar, designers; Mark Welsh, copywriter | Client Harper Macaw | Details The Political Series for Harper Macaw, a bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer, represents a political party, issue or phrase—from Left Wing to Tea Party to Filibuster—with provocative packaging.

20. The Bombay Canteen Cocktail Menu

client promotions

client promotions

Design Firm Please See//, Mumbai, India; | Creative Team Pritha Thadani, art director; Raheel Malkan, Ravi Pednekar, designers; Rifq Sarao, Grusha Dhawan, copywriters; Vrinda Kabra, account manager | Client The Bombay Canteen | Details This pop-up menu connects each cocktail to specific Art Deco buildings in Mumbai, the city with the second largest number of Art Deco buildings in the world.

21. Vitamix Unlock Your Adventure Promotional Box

client promotions


Design Firm flourish, Cleveland; | Client Vitamix Corporation | Details To celebrate the Ascent Blender launch, flourish designed a retailer gift meant to inspire recipients to embark on a new culinary adventure of their own.

22. The Grange Community Kitchen Identity and Collateral

client promotions


Design Firm Block Club, Buffalo, NY; | Creative Team Brandon Davis, creative director; Steve Soroka, brand manager; Julie Molloy, art director; Ryan McMullen, designer; Ben Siegel, copywriter | Client The Grange Community Kitchen | Details Block Club created this comprehensive branding for The Grange Community Kitchen, a restaurant with exceptional taste and global influence in Hamburg, NY.

23. A Balloon for Ben

Title  | Design Firm Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto; www.zulualphakilo.comm | Creative Team Zak Mroueh, chief creative officer; Allen Oke, executive creative director; Guilherme Bermejo, art director; Nick Doerr, copywriter; Tara Handley, agency producer; Roy Gruia, Kendal Saby, account team; Heidi Philip, strategic planner; Isobar Canada, media agency; Damien Lemaitre, Vanessa Pineau, media agency planners; Hornet, production house/animation/colourist/transfer; Yves Geleyn, director; Desiree Stavracos, production house producer; Hill + Knowlton, PR agency; Vapor RMW, audio post facility/music house; Joey Serlin, audio director; Kailee Nowosad, producer; Julian Rudd, engineer | Client Cineplex Entertainment | Details A follow-up to last year’s hugely successful Lily & the Snowman, A Balloon for Ben is set in a world where balloons are filled with the light of film.

24. The District Of Joy


Design Firm Design Army, Washington, DC; | Creative Team Pum Lefebure, chief creative officer; Jake Lefebure, CEO; Heloise Condroyer, Sucha Becky, art directors; Dean Alexander, photographer; Mark Welsh, copywriter; Ann Vogel, project manager; May Tam, producer; David Grossbach, editor; CVLT NYC, color company; NylonStudios, sound design; Christine De Lassus, stylist; Dale Johnson, makeup stylist; Yoichi Tomizawa, hair stylist; Sidra Forman, florals; The Washington Ballet, dancers; Septime Webre, choreographer | Client CityCenterDC | Details Design Army launched this fresh marketing campaign to highlight the unique experiences to be found in CityCenterDC, focusing on the energy, place and design in the downtown area through a vibrant two-minute video.

25. The Reflected Works | Sappi Archives

client promotions


Design Firm 50,000feet, Chicago; | Client Sappi | Details Straight from the vault, The Reflected Works—both online and in print—highlights some of Sappi’s favorite archives, offering a glimpse into not just the company’s heritage but also that of the entire industry.