21 Days to a WordPress Blog: Day 13: Navigation & Menus

Whether you need a simple site for your business, want to start a blog or just want to try building a WordPress website, you’ll learn all the basics in these daily lessons. In three weeks—and about 30 minutes a day—you’ll build your first WordPress blog.

Menus are my favorite recent addition to WordPress. When it comes to creating and displaying complex navigations, Menus make your life so easy. 

Creating a new menu is simple but can only be done if your theme supports Menus. If you don’t see Menus under the Appearance section of the admin, your theme doesn’t support menus. Once in the menu section you can click the plus sign in the middle right to create a new menu, type in a name (I’m naming mine Main) then click Create Menu. If your theme supports menu locations you can assign a menu to a location in the theme. My main menu has been assigned to the Main Navigation location. Later I can create a second menu to put into the footer, or under the widgets section as a widget in a sidebar.

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Once I have a menu I can add pages, posts, categories, tags and even custom links to the menu. Start on the left and either fill out the form to create a custom link or select available pages, posts or taxonomy by checking them and clicking Add. Be sure to click Save Menu. If you don’t see the option for tags or posts, you can turn them on under Screen Options.

When you’ve added all your navigation items, you can rearrange them and create hierarchies simply by dragging and dropping. You can also edit each navigation item’s Label, Title and Window Target (whether it opens in a new window) by clicking on it.

Tomorrow: Widgets and sidebars

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