21 Days to a WordPress Blog: Day 19: Reading & Writing Settings

Whether you need a simple site for your business, want to start a blog or just want to try building a WordPress website, you’ll learn all the basics in these daily lessons. In three weeks—and about 30 minutes a day—you’ll build your first WordPress blog.

The Writing Settings deal mostly with sitewide preferences related to adding content to the site. The first few settings are specific to the display settings of the content editing area and then go into the Default Post and Link categories.

Press This is a bookmarklet that let you easily insert any web page you’re currently looking at into a WordPress post. This is really handy if you plan to share articles, photos and more. (You can also find Press This in the Tools section.)

Post via e-mail lets you create an email address and assign it to your WordPress admin. Anything that gets sent to this email address will be converted into a post automatically. This can be really helpful if you’re on the go—but don’t give this email out, lest your uncle’s email chain letters end up on your site.

Remote publishing allows you to use outside applications to publish to your site. There are some great WordPress publishing apps available for iOS and Android.

wordpress settings, reading and writing settings

In the Reading settings, the big decision here is under Front Page Displays. Often, the default front page for a WordPress site is a feed of the most recent content. But here you can select if you want a static Page or a Posts page to be your front page. You can also select the number of recent posts you want to display on the front page.

Tomorrow: Permalinks

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