21 Days to a WordPress Blog: Day 20: Permalinks

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Permalinks are permanent URLs for posts, pages and archives. The permalinks settings allow you to design a structure by which your URLs will be created throughout the site. The default value sets the URL of a post to its unique ID like this: http://mydomain.com/?p=123.

wordpress permalinks

On the permalinks settings page there are several default options you can set for your pemalinks template structure (including “pretty” permalinks). I prefer however to create a custom structure. You can define custom permalink structures in the Custom Structure input bar using structure tags.

Since Permalinks and URLs bear so much importance on search engine optimization and performance it’s vital that you choose a good permalink structure. My preferred structure is /%category%/%postname%/, which creates a nice-looking URL: http://mydomain.com/category/post-name.

You can also change the category base and tag base to something other than “category” and “tag.” So if I’m on an archives page called Interviews, the default URL will be http://mydomain.com/category/interviews but changing the category base to “topics” will result in http://mydomain.com/topics/interviews. The structure of your permalinks should be semantic and meaningful. Read more about WordPress permalinks here.

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