21 Days to a WordPress Blog: Day 7: Customizing Your Theme

Whether you need a simple site for your business, want to start a blog or just want to try building a WordPress website, you’ll learn all the basics in these daily lessons. In three weeks—and about 30 minutes a day—you’ll build your first WordPress blog.

Some themes don’t provide custom options, but you can usually customize it at least a little. If your theme offers options to modify the design, layout or backend, you’ll find them in the menu of your WordPress dashboard.  

If your site is hosted on WordPress, going to Themes under Appearance in the menu will take you to the customization options. Depending on the theme you chose, you might see Options such as Custom Design, Background and Theme Options.

Themify creates a new Tisa section below Comments when you install it. Here you can do everything from choosing a favicon and uploading a logo to choosing new color schemes and uploading your own custom CSS. For now I’m going to just choose a new color scheme and modify the site layout a bit.  

Choosing a new skin: Under the Tisa section click Settings. Here you’ll see a few of the themewide options you can modify. At the top of the settings panel, click Skins, choose your preferred skin (color scheme) and click Save All at the top or bottom of the page. (Skins are a feature specific to Themify.)

themify options wordpress skins

Uploading a logo: Under the Tisa options click Settings, Styling then Site Logo. On this page the default option is to use text and the site name as the logo. You can modify the color, font and more here. 

I’m going to upload a logo by first selecting Image in the display field and then +Upload. Choose the logo and upload it. WordPress will upload the image and insert the location of the new file into the field. You can input the width and height to be used if necessary or just click Save All.

themify wordpress upload logo

If your site is hosted on WordPress, upload a logo by going to Appearance, and then Theme Options or Header.

Viewing the changes: Go to the front-end or “live” version of your site by clicking the site title in the top left of the WordPress toolbar. Now you can see all the changes you’ve made. Any time you hit save, your selection will go live and your website will immediately have a new look. (So it makes sense to keep your site open in another window and just refresh it any time you make a change.) If you don’t like your choice, you can always choose another. It’s so easy to modify the appearance of your website—keep tweaking the settings to further customize your site.

themify wordpress site preview

Tomorrow: Site planning

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