21 Days to a WordPress Blog: Day 8: Site Planning

Whether you need a simple site for your business, want to start a blog or just want to try building a WordPress website, you’ll learn all the basics in these daily lessons. In three weeks—and about 30 minutes a day—you’ll build your first WordPress blog.

It’s important to determine the structure of your site before you start adding content. Starting out with a good plan now will prevent many headaches. Think about how you want visitors to use your site, and sketch out a sitemap.  

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Site planning and information architecture are essential parts of every website. Learn information architecture with Brian Miller in his four-week online class at HOW U.

Visitors should be able to access the most important content with as few clicks as possible. If you have a website with dozens of pages, create a clear plan of action for your visitors. This can mean putting links to important items on the homepage.

The other considerations is how you would like to “populate” the homepage. It’s common for websites to have a gallery or a large call to action or sales message as the main focus of the homepage and below that a flow of dynamic chronological content, such as the most recent posts from a certain category. Take a look at other websites you admire and some that you don’t like, take specific notice of how their content is generated and displayed.

In the coming days I’ll talk about the difference between pages (static pages) and posts (individual content items, often dated) and categories (for organization) and tags (for description), but it’s worth it to start thinking now about how you want to organize your content to make it easy for the user to navigate.

Tomorrow: Organizing your posts

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