Business Unit Strategy Tips for In-House Designers

As an in-house manager, how do you handle conflict among team members and business-related issues? Typically, in-house managers begin with an abundance of design skills but lack a strong proficiency in business management. Even so, they must know how to best direct their team and implement a plan for delivering high-quality work. Are they adequately prepared for this responsibility?

The Call for a Detailed Business Unit Strategy

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It’s advantageous for in-house managers to devise a precise business unit strategy, because it provides a blueprint for the design team’s collaborative efforts in maintaining the company’s culture, for providing clients with design solutions, and for operating at optimal capacity.

Launching a business unit strategy can be a challenge for many business leaders, who must provide employees with a shared vision of the department’s values, mission and goals. In-house managers without business exposure often find this process mind-boggling. Recognizing the holes in formal design education curriculum, HOW Design University teamed up with InSource to provide in-house managers with the integral business concepts to skillfully satisfy their upper management objectives, including a strong focus on business strategy and planning, with the In-House Management Certification program. The excerpt below is from one of the courses in the certificate program that details the process of creating a business unit strategy.

Strategic Planning and Thinking: The Business Unit Strategy

In the video-based course, Strategic Planning and Thinking, instructor Amanda Froehlich lectures on the topic of business unit strategy for in-house designers. The intensive course differentiates between the terms strategic thinking and strategic planning, with an emphasis on how design managers may conceptualize strategic planning. With instruction and exercises, students will be able to map out predictable outcomes from their department’s collected data that will in turn provide them with a concrete strategy to confidently direct their team.

Watch the Strategic Planning and Thinking course excerpt below about how to approach developing a business unit strategy:

Enrich your business strategy skills further by enrolling in Froehlich’s course, Strategic Planning and Thinking.

About Instructor Amanda Froehlich

With 20+ years experience, Amanda Froehlich has worked in the advertising/ marketing industry for some of the worlds’ largest corporations–building and developing award-winning creative teams.

She is a results-driven creative professional with an established track record of executing reorganizations of internal agencies that optimize the team and enhance the level of creative output, efficient workflow and customer service. She is a visionary leader who understands the many aspects of developing a strategic plan and then leading a team to deliver great work, on time, on budget and on-brand.