Creative Leadership and the Rise of the DEO

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Need to sharpen your creative leadership skills? Want to find out how design leadership is changing? More and more rungs are being added to the design career ladder. The most impressive one yet, DEO, or Design Executive Officer.

Climbing the ladder to become a creative team leader requires expert people skills — managing the collaboration of different, and sometimes conflicting personalities, shaping goals, inspiring innovation and creativity, and guiding employees to success.

Maria Giudice is a designer who gracefully commands leadership in the design world. She sold her lucrative design company, Hot Studio, to claim the powerful title of Director of Product Design for Facebook. At the 2014 HOW Design Live Conference, she energetically and entertainingly covered her career move, the need for creative leadership and how to become a creative leader in her talk, “The Rise of the DEO.”

In her talk, she emphasizes the importance of interacting with employees and clients as equals, on a peer-to-peer to level, to ensure the comfortable, productive exchange of ideas and for generating polished projects. Then she shares the essential components of what makes a successful DEO.

Find inspiration and motivation in her presentation on the changing design leadership landscape and discover how to put your design superpowers into action by watching her presentation.

Rise of the DEO

Check out a preview of her presentation below:

To learn more about advancing as a creative leader, watch the full presentation. You can also discover more career-focused videos from the HOW Design Live and the HOW Interactive Design conference discussions.