Creative Market is launching is a new venture called Creative Market that will be a place for designers to buy and sell vector patterns, fonts and more. Sign up now to be an early access member and get $5 in free credits.

From the creators of, Creative Market is a new kind of marketplace for handcrafted, mousemade design content. We have a simple, but important mission: to make beautiful design simple & accessible to everyone.

This mission is something we’ve been passionately living. We started with COLOURlovers by building the world’s best color community & creative inspiration site. By curating a supportive community for ideas to be shared and inspiration to be found, we’ve jump-started a massive amount of creative projects.

We then started building design tools that were simple & intuitive, but powerful & professional. These tools provide expert capabilities to novice creatives, and help them develop their skills.

Creative Market is the next piece of our mission that will help creatives easily access a wealth of beautiful design content for their projects. Whether it’s finding a unique vector pattern for a textile, the perfect font with personality for a new logo, or any other kind of digital creative content that helps you produce something amazing.

And if you love color, check out the book Color Inspirations.

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