Design Tools: Web Font Subscription Helps Streamline Workflow

Just as design inevitably moves and shapes the world as we know it, designers strive to streamline their processes to keep up with this changing world. Design as a profession seems ever-ripe with change, right? So having the best tools to navigate the evolving landscape becomes critical to success.

Increase Workflow

Monotype Master subscription imageDaily workflow efficiency does in fact impact design productivity—and finding quicker solutions to tasks as fundamental as locating the right font can help lighten your workload.

Do you find yourself searching for a font that you may or may not need to use again? Or, perhaps you regularly purchase expensive fonts for specific projects? If you’re a fan of “one stop shopping,” Monotype’s latest endeavor, the Web Font’s Master Subscription packs a powerful punch.

Be A Master

Uniquely positioned to support designers’ print to digital needs, the master subscription can help free you of limitations while designing. Master level means unlimited monthly access to a library of desktop fonts and mockups, and 2.5 million monthly page-views.

Chris Roberts, vice president and general manager of Monotype’s e-commerce group explains how the interactive space gives designers “greater opportunities to design with type first—due to the fundamentally textual nature of the medium.”

The master subscription best supports responsive design and the interactive sphere because of its comprehensive and nimble qualities.

Talking Typecast

Speaking of responsive web design, the highly textual quality of interactive media is driving more browser-based design than ever before. Monotype’s Typecast application (included in the master subscription) is at the industry forefront, making great fonts easy to use and view on any device—across print and digital.

If you like to experiment with fonts and create your own typeface, Typecast has you covered. You can combine and compare web fonts, minus the hassle of coding and screenshots. Because let’s face it: It’s a whole new world out there.

If you’re tired of purchasing fonts and want them readily accessible to maximize your workflow,’s master subscription is an all-in-one, versatile font solution worth a very good look.

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