Design Tutorial Recap: Jose Caballer – How to Define “User” in User Experience


Welcome to the Design Tutorial Recap,  our after chat with our design tutorial experts. Feel free to ask questions in this follow-up session for the Feb. 21st Design Tutorial: “How to Define the “User” in User Experience” with Jose Caballer. Please post follow-up questions in the comment section below. We want to ensure you get the most out of your tutorials and if any questions were missed due to time constraints, we want to make sure they are answered.

“How to Define the “User” in User Experience” – Design Tutorial: What are user profiles? Simply put, they’re profiles of fictional users that include details like: name, gender, income, marital status, what their goals are, and what they need from you and your product. In this live design tutorial, Jose Caballer will teach you how to develop user profiles that can serve as the foundation for the creation of your website or application. You’ll learn how to ask questions like, “Are my users tech savvy?” And, “What is it they like about my product?” Because when you understand how your average user thinks, and what their motivations are, you’re able to create a user experience that meets (and hopefully exceeds) their expectations.

2 thoughts on “Design Tutorial Recap: Jose Caballer – How to Define “User” in User Experience

  1. elithius

    For the site owner, how often would it be of value to revisit user profiles (if at all). Should you wait until there is a major revision or would it make sense to evaluate and perhaps establish 2 or 3 new user profiles at some point?