Designers Respond to Adobe Acquiring Typekit

Typekit, one of the first subscription web-based font services, is the newest addition to the Adobe family. (Typekit has worked with Adobe before—they added a passel of Adobe fonts to their offerings last August.) Typekit is “thrilled” about the acquisition, which was announced at Adobe MAX yesterday. How do web designers feel about the news? We asked some of our favorite experts:

Christopher Butler, Newfangled:

I think it’s great. Adobe can offer Typekit a much wider exposure to designers and developers everywhere. Typekit already had a stellar reputation among forward-leaning designers and developers who understand the issues that have historically made offering good typography on the web difficult. But with Adobe, which still has the market share on creative production, their reach will be much broader. This also shows that Adobe is adapting their strategy to the changing technological landscape around them. I wish this applied to all areas of their operation, but it’s a start!

If their next step is to offer a web-development-specific, Typekit-integrated version of Photoshop that’s not excessively bloated and expensive, I will be pretty impressed. Meanwhile I’ll keep paying way too much for Photoshop and be bitter about it. 😉

Brian MillerBrian Miller Design Group:

I’m really happy for those guys. They built a groundbreaking product, and Adobe recognizes that. Admittedly, I don’t know any of the terms of the deal, but it seems like a great opportunity for both sides. At its core, Typekit is about preserving the rights of type designers in the same way Apple and iTunes protect the rights of musicians. The added resources that Adobe brings can only be good news for the type community as a whole.

Jesse Friedman, Neal Advertising:

I hope Adobe can provide added support and enlightened ideas to an already stellar product. I’m a huge fan of Typekit and what they’ve done to help in the revolution of creating great websites with extraordinary fonts. I’m a bit fearful of the projected fee increases, as having a free gallery has made these fonts and this technology easily accessible and more likely to be used. We’re on the cusp solving this font problem, and it’s innovators like Typekit that will get us there. Hopefully, Adobe can take it even further.

Chris ConverseCodify Design Studio:

I love the idea. Fonts have been a lacking aspect of web design for too long, and I’m excited to see what the implementation and pricing strategies are. I also really like the idea of subscribing to a library and using what I want.

Steve Fisher,

I’ve been thrilled with Typekit over the life of the company, and I trust them to make a good decision. Real designers doing great work helped create Typekit and [they] know what it takes to bring it to the next level. Adobe has had some struggles with the web community, but I’m hopeful this will be a good move for all.