Hot Topics: Adobe Abandons Mobile Flash

Image of a Flash Player fail by George Kelly.

Adobe announced this week it is abandoning development of Flash for mobile browsers in favor of HTML5 and Adobe AIR. Wired’s Gadget Lab pointed out that Apple’s rejection of Flash support on its iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is likely a strong reason why Adobe is now focusing its energy on HTML5 (and that, somewhere, Steve Jobs is saying “I told you so”).

What does this mean for web designers? The folks at Webmonkey say, “In abandoning mobile, Adobe is effectively admitting that Flash has no future on the web.” We asked some of our favorite experts to chime in:

Mark O’Brien, Newfangled:

Adobe’s wise decision to cease R&D for Flash on mobile devices in favor of HTML5 development is the proof that the era of Flash is over. Flash did a lot of great things for a lot of designers, and it will always have its rightful place in web design history. Unfortunately, many designers are still clinging to this deflated lifeboat, even as Adobe lets it sink.

Patrick McNeil, Design Meltdown:

Flash isn’t dead as a whole. Rather, we’re just not trying to make it something it doesn’t need to be. Flash is still useful. It can still do cool stuff. But it’s being reined in to what it does best—mobile is not a part of that.

Steve Fisher, Hello Fisher:

This just makes sense to me. HTML5 works well on mobile devices and is already supported across the vast majority of them. I, for one, will not miss mobile Flash at all.

What say you? Will this change how you work on the web? Will you cry salty tears for Flash or do a victory dance?