5 Tools to Pick Perfect Web Colors

I’m in the middle of a complete website overhaul (my previous portfolio site was intentionally web 1.0, if you’re wondering). While working with my developer friend Paul I noticed he was using COLOURlovers to select colors. I had to admit I’d never thought of the site as anything but a place to check out pretty palettes.

When you find a color or palette you love (like, say, the one I used to make the image above, just right click to Inspect Element and snag the hex code for the color you like. (You can also find the hex color codes by going to View Source in your browser.)

Paul likes to use the site because it’s a great way to find new color trends, especially if you’re working within a particular niche. COLOURlovers also has a lot of tools to use in finding the perfect colors

And here are four more resources for picking perfect web colors:

By the way—our All About Color Ultimate Collection is nearly sold out, and with good reason: it’s four color books and three audio files for just $69.99.

Color theory resources:

3 thoughts on “5 Tools to Pick Perfect Web Colors

  1. Paul Henrich

    Another tool I use all the time is one that comes with all Macs, Digital Color Meter, which gives you a universal eyedropper tool for anything on your screen. Also, ColourLovers offers downloads of palettes in various formats that might be better for someone who doesn’t want to poke around in HTML.

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