New Design Inspiration Course

Inspirability gives you a fresh look at how to keep those creative fires burning in the real world through interviews with 40 design luminaries, including Stefan Sagmeister, Paula Scher, Milton Glaser and Chip Kidd, fascinating pictures the designers have taken of themselves and their offices, and samples of their design work. Learn more.

Student work from one of the Inspiration Explorations

Student work from one of the Inspiration Explorations

At HOW Design University, we asked our students some questions: What course is imperative for designers? What subject are you interested in learning more about?

Designers enthusiastically replied that they would enjoy a design inspiration course. With this knowledge, we began searching for an instructor to develop the curriculum, and we found the perfect designer for the job.

We’re thrilled to announce that the creative instructor Shann Ferreira agreed to create Inspiration Exploration, a new online course from HOW Design University. Ferreira is an associate professor of design at Guilford Technical Community College, manages, and sat on the board during the inaugural year of the AIGA Triad chapter.


Found object inspiration exploration

Inspiration Exploration Course:

As a graphic designer and fine artist, Ferreira has endless experience finding and sustaining creative energy. In the course, Ferreira covers six methods for finding inspiration even when in a creative rut. She’ll show how to use various media to think outside the box and to discover new approaches to design. Some of the methods include returning to an elementary school mindset, working with odd surfaces and using found objects. Recommended materials for this course include pencils, paint, scrap paper and a clean mental palette.


Moodboard example for the Design Inspiration course.

The beginning of the course focuses on discovering yourself — your strengths and weaknesses. Defining yourself is harder than you might think. Using design strategies such as mood boards, word lists, collages, etc., to visually identify yourself is an eye-opening exercise that’ll leave you feeling recharged and flowing with new ideas.

And that’s just one inspiration exploration from the course. Ferreira explains five more inspiration explorations that not only challenge designers to apply different approaches to design work, but also provide a fun way to explore new concepts without a deadline.

The course starts May 18th with limited availability. Sign up today if you need a creative boost!