New Year’s Resolution: Learn Web Design

I’ll bet professional development tops a lot of new year’s resolution lists for 2012. Making sure you stay attractive to potential employers and clients is the only way to stay in business. If you’re a print designer just getting into working online, HOW U has workshops just for you.

Patrick McNeil’s new HOW U course Principles of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is a four-week, designer-friendly introduction to the big world of code. Building on the first course, Principles of Web Design, this workshop will teach you the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript—the essential languages of the web—and set you up to take your web design education further. The class starts Feb. 6 and costs $199 (or $179 for Design Insiders).

The first session of the Principles of Web Design workshop started yesterday—I definitely recommend taking it before the HTML/CSS/JavaScript class if you’re a total beginner when it comes to web stuff. You can still join the current session if you register by this Friday, or you can register for the next session, which starts Feb. 20.