5 Steps in the Client Centric Design Process

This informative piece is excerpted from Paul Boag’s online design course, Principles of Client Centric Design.

If I were to ask you what the most annoying aspect of working in web design is, what would you answer? If you are a web designer the chances are ‘clients’ would appear in the top two; probably alongside Internet Explorer. Equally, a client’s answer may include grumpy and uncooperative web designers.

I’m surprised by how much resentment exists between web designers and their clients. In fact, there are entire websites dedicated to web designers ranting
uncontrollably about clients from hell.

  • The broken approach:
    The way clients commission websites does not work. Sporadic website updates, speculative design and endless iterations cause more harm than good.
  • A better way:
    Puts the client at the heart of the design process and provides benefits to you, your clients and their websites.
  • Become more than a supplier.
    Client centric web design means changing the client / designer relationship. It means turning your self from a supplier into a partner.
  • Establish the right relationship.
  • Principles of collaboration:
    Past experience has led us to exclude the client from the process wherever possible. But this creates problems of its own.

Get an in-depth look into client centric design in Paul Boag’s HOWU course: Client Centric Web Design