6 SEO Resources for Checking Website Ranking

You transformed a 1990’s GeoCities-style website into a modern and clean design. You’re feeling pretty proud of yourself – the amount of work that goes into polishing a diamond from coal after all is hard work. The client comes back to you and says that while the new website is aesthetically pleasing, the website has seen a decline in visitors. Why? During the redesign process, the web design team made a crucial misstep. They neglected to optimize the website.

Optimizing a website is now an integral part of the web design process. With well-placed SEO strategies, visitors will easily find your website via a simple Google search. Conversely, without incorporating an SEO strategy makes it almost impossible for users to find your site as search engines pull search results with optimized websites first.

If you can’t afford to hire an SEO expert during a redesign, or even when you are building a new website from scratch, the HOW Design University course, Local SEO Rankings: How to Rank Local Business Websites in Google, explains everything you need to know about SEO for web design.

This excerpt from the course gives you a broad overview of areas to investigate before creating an SEO strategy for the redesigned website, including analyzing the website ranking. In the clip, instructor Christine Maisel guides you through helpful resources to understand your client’s website current SEO ranking.

6 Resources to Check Website Ranking:


For a more a thorough SEO strategies and advice, enroll in the  course, Local SEO Rankings: How to Rank Local  Business Websites in Google. Maisel explains everything you need to know to launch a successful SEO strategy.

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