Creativity Exercises for Better, Faster Type

Editor’s Note: The following is a modified excerpt from the introduction to Denise Bosler’s course, Better, Faster Type—a fun course filled with creativity exercises to improve your type skills. 

Type is everywhere. From the moment we wake up and look at our alarm clock to the moment we brush our teeth before we go to bed, we see typography. Don’t believe me? Go through your daily routine and make a list of all the times you come across typography. I did it for one day, counting each item only once, and encountered 536 instances of typography: from coffee to words scrolling across the bottom of the news; from road signs to the words you’re reading right now. We take type for granted. Imagine for one moment that all typography is wiped from existence. Looks weird, doesn’t it?

Humans communicate through the written word. Typography is how we express ourselves, sell products, distinguish food from poison, separate one brand from another, understand instructions, stick to the speed limit, bake a soufflé, help our kids fall into fairy tale-induced dreams… You get the idea. The easier it is to read and understand, the better. Therefore the better we designers are at using typography the easier it is to communicate to the audience.

Creativity Exercises for Better, Faster Type

Denise Bosler’s course, Better, Faster Type is designed to strengthen your typography chops and help you gain a fresh perspective on this important design element. During the two-week course, you will look at typography in a whole new light and, hopefully, take away a few new ideas for your next design project. This course is meant to challenge your typography thinking while letting you rediscover how much fun type can be.

Each week includes two creativity exercises, two challenges and one project that may be completed in any order. I won’t lie, it’s fast-paced and crazy fun. The creativity exercises and challenges require time and dedication from you, but in the end you’ll have an awesome collection of creative, expressive and useful typographic solutions. Your classmates will review the products of your your creativity exercises and offer constructive feedback on your projects.

Here are some examples of what you could create with the creativity exercises in the first lesson of Denise’s course:

Letter Patterns

Neutraface Titling Uppercase “A” by Kalina Croes


Typographic pattern by Colin Hyland


Found Alphabets

Leafy alphabet by Vladimir Koncar


Found sign alphabet by Jen Quinn


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