CSS Basics: Formatting (a video tutorial)

New from HOW Design University is a short video tutorial on how to write CSS. This quick design tutorial is the first of many, so keep an eye out for more HOWU design tutorials by visiting our YouTube channel.

This video tutorial features information extracted from the Certificate in Web Development I, which provides students with a fundamental skill set into web design. Check out the Certificate in Web Development II for more advanced web development knowledge as it covers JavaScript and PHP. These two certificates provide students with a robust knowledge of web design that they may apply to their current employment, passion project and/or help them land a new career opportunity.

Watch the video below to learn the basics of CSS formatting. And stay tuned for more quick design tutorials.

CSS Basics: A Video Tutorial from HOW Design University

In this two minute video, you’ll learn the basic elements of CSS formatting. CSS, also known as cascading style sheets, applies a style to an entire HTML document. Primarily, CSS’s purpose is to tell the entire HTML document how to look, while cutting out the step/repeat process of entering the same HTML code on each line.


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