End the Feast & Famine Syndrome in Your Creative Business

“In 2014, about 1 in 5 graphic designers were self-employed,” – from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

If you consider yourself one of the 20% of designers who are self-employed, then you’ve noticed that the creative business market is extremely competitive when it comes to winning over clients and staying financially afloat. While, yes, it’s true that delivering beautiful, smart and effective design is mandatory, you’ll also need acute business acumen to launch your business as one of the top contenders in your market.

Eliminate the feast or famine syndrome haunting a creative business by understanding key marketing and business concepts. HOW Design University recently created a Certificate in Creative Business Entrepreneurship to help freelance designers who struggle to make their design business thrive. The certificate combines these popular HOW Design University’s business courses: The Key Steps to Earning More in Your Creative Business, How to Start Your Own Freelance Business, Creative Strategy and the Business of Design, and Negotiating without Fear or Anxiety.


Defeat the Feast or Famine Syndrome in Your Creative Business

In the Creative Business Entrepreneur certification, you’ll dive into these business development areas:

  • How to focus your creative business.
  • How to target and research your ideal clients.
  • How to pitch to clients.
  • How to integrate business considerations into your creative strategies.
  • How to approach negotiation on pricing your services.

The first two courses in the program, The Key Steps to Earning More in Your Creative Business and How to Start Your Own Freelance business, is developed by Marketing-Mentor’s Ilise Benun. In these courses, she shares useful information on how to market your services to clients and how to position your company.

Once you have the strategies in place from Benun’s courses, you’ll move on to Douglas Davis‘ Creative Strategy and the Business of Design, based on his book of the same title but with assignments and quizzes to help you fully grasp the concepts. In this course, Davis dispenses his knowledge from his Master’s in Integrated Marketing to aid other designers in translating business jargon and for transposing business objectives into design.

Negotiating-extraordinaire Katie Lane delivers valuable guidance on how designers can negotiate their contracts with clients in the last required course for the certificate. As a lawyer, Lane has a wealth of experience in negotiating contracts. Learn how to approach the conversation, how to reinforce confidence even when you don’t feel it, and how to come to a reasonable agreement.

Struggle no more with the feast or famine syndrome with the Certificate in Creative Business Entrepreneurship. Enroll here.