Microcontent: The Makings of a Social Media Graphic

Microcontent is the new buzzword in the design and marketing circles. But what exactly is it? For the context of design, it’s short, concise visuals primarily used for social media marketing that delivers a call-to-action or a noteworthy fact.

Lemonly, a visual design firm based in South Dakota, creates engaging microcontent all the time for their clients, and they decided to share their knowledge and expertise in a HOW Design University workshop. In the workshop, Storytelling with Microcontent, they explain what microcontent is, how to create it, and how to use it for different social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snap Chat.

As we all know, maintaining a pulse on social media is a must to get our brand and services known to our target audience. Social media content with visuals receives 94% more views than posts without images, hence the importance of designing eye-catching social media graphics. Lemonly instructs on everything you need to know about microcontent in a concise, straight-to-the-point way. Find out how to cut through the noise on the Internet with well-thought out social media visuals when you sign up for the workshop, available now through October 31st.

Tips to Keep In Mind for Creating Social Media Graphics:

Glean some useful tips on how to create microcontent, taken from the Storytelling with Microcontent workshop.

  • Microcontent is most effective when elements are tied together visually through design
  • It focuses on a singular idea, and when done well, can imply a larger concept
  • Can be standalone or direct users to a more in-depth infographic, microsite or blog post
  • Can take many forms: infographics, quotes, illustrations, charts and more.

4 Effective Microcontent Examples

View examples of effective microcontent to get a taste of what you’ll learn to create in this workshop:

Madonna “TRUE BLUE” 30th Anniversary Gif

by Lemonly

Sports Infographics

by Dan Goldfarb

Coke Happiness Truck Microcontent:

by Shelby Bass


Pet-friendly Hotel Travel Poster

by Lemonly

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