Planning the Layout for an Infographic Design

Since we resided in caves, we relied on symbols and imagery to communicate. We still depend on visuals to quickly transmit information, however, instead of painting on hard, dusty cave walls we are now communicating information through data visualizations and infographics.

HOW Design University would like to help artists design beautiful infographics for the topics that they want viewers to understand. Rather it’s the importance of healthy eating, bike safety, environmental concerns, or even if it’s an infographic about a client company and their customer service process, HOWU’s Certificate in Infographic Design will help you design an informative, aesthetic data visualization.

This certificate combines four popular infographic design courses, 5 Essential Infographic Design Principles, How to Use Visual Language to Create Infographics, The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Great Infographics, and Infographic Design Techniques.

In this certificate, you’ll learn the elements to include in a data visualization, typography considerations, how to use illustrator to design your infographic, and how to find data. This comprehensive certificate provides you with all the tools and knowledge you need.

Here’s a brief preview of the certificate’s content on how to plan the layout of your data visualization.

Planning the Layout of Your Infographic:


Get a comprehensive education on designing infographics today when you enroll in the Certificate in Infographic Design.