Marketing Gold: HOWU’s Top 10 Marketing Design Tips

Considering the holiday season is near and designers’ to-do lists contain lines of marketing design deadlines, we decided to round up some marketing design tips from HOW Design University. Step back from your project and take a refresher on marketing basics to keep in mind as you brainstorm holiday marketing concepts. These tips will benefit both freelance and in-house designers alike.

Let’s dive into the top 10 marketing tips for designers.

10 Marketing Design Tips for Designers

  • To bring genuine value in your marketing, it boils downs to two motivating factors: convenience and cost. From the Internet Marketing Course.
  • Be consistent across platforms in terms of design: color, fonts, etc.
  • Test your presence on all common platforms, browsers and mobile platforms
  • Remember that marketing & sales are not the same. Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating & satisfying customer requirements profitably. From the Marketing 101 for Designers course.
  • Marketing is the intentional manipulation of the buy decision.
  • Brand value is created, communicated & delivered through consistent experiences called Brand Touchpoints.
  • The secret to good marketing design is “Concept First.From the Marketing Design course.
  • When it comes to social media marketing, don’t place value on the number of followers, instead, think in terms of reach and of influencers. From Social Media: Today’s Key Marketing Tool.
  • Marketing is an entire process of selling a product or service. It begins with market research, and it’s part of product development, sales, advertising and promotion, all the way through to customer satisfaction surveys. From the Intro to Marketing course.
  • So how do marketing folks figure out their campaign strategies? One way to analyze your options is to look at what is known as the 7Ps of marketing: price, place, promotion, product, people, physical evidence, and process.

Examples of Marketing Gold from the HOW Promotion & Design Awards (see full gallery here)


With the Year of the Monkey coming around only every 12 years, the Test Monki firm knew they had to take advantage with a name like theirs.


With pull-out samples, this promo by Design Army for client Neenah Paper was designed to inspire through interaction.


Perrier USA launched a 360-degree campaign featuring digital content and live installation. Campaign designed by Mirrorball.


Recipients raved about this unique invitation package inspired by 19th-century Mississippi steamboat culture designed by Dixon Schwabl for Monroe Community College Foundation.


Tough Mudder events emphasize camaraderie over “finishing first.” The work aims to lower the bar for entry and put teamwork front and center. Designed by Rokkan.

If you have some solid marketing tips that you wouldn’t mind sharing to the HOW community, please add them into the comment section below.