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We know a thing or two about design, so we’ve worked hard to bring you an online design education experience. Browse below for articles and other design resources that can help you learn graphic design skills, from beginner to advanced, and help you stay abreast on news and trends designers need to know. Be sure to visit our sister sites: HOW Design University for the best way to learn web design, marketing, typography skills and more through online graphic design courses and tutorials, and HOW Interactive Design for a regular flow of expert advice regarding interactive and web design.


New UX Design Certificate Covers The Basics & Process

At the heart of any design project is the consideration of the user experience. Out of all the other factors for completing a design assignment, delivering a favorable user experience design is by far the most crucial. In fact, it’s so important to design that it’s now commonplace for UX design skills to be...


Creating Image Depth in Marketing Design

Most design work is connected to marketing, whether it be for branding, editorial, or even self-promotional purposes. In previous articles, we’ve discussed finding target audiences, researching clients, brand building and more. Now let’s move on to the actual design phase. More specifically, adding image depth to your marketing campaign. HOW Design University and Sessions College...


Photoshop Editing Tips: Using Selection Tools

Marquee, magic wand, direct selection or pen? Which selection tool is the most precise and the most efficient method for making a selection in Photoshop? All of them will do the job fine, but one might perform better than the others given a specific scenario. That’s the beautiful thing about Photoshop, and it’s the...