Photoshop Editing Tips: Using Selection Tools


Marquee, magic wand, direct selection or pen? Which selection tool is the most precise and the most efficient method for making a selection in Photoshop? All of them will do the job fine, but one might perform better than the others given a specific scenario.

That’s the beautiful thing about Photoshop, and it’s the reason it’s so addicting to both novices and experts. Several different techniques will achieve the same result. Take, for instance, making selections. A variety of tools will make selections. However, knowing the best tool per situation is the ultimate skill for quickly and flawlessly editing images.

Adobe guru Dave Cross explains in great detail about each selection tool and technique in the HOWU course Photoshop: Selections, Channels & Masks. What we love about this course is that it starts off with beginner-level instruction – going over the tools, what they do and the pro’s and con’s of each one. After the basic introduction, Cross delivers more advanced lessons on how to use them to edit selections and to create masks.

Interested? Watch the video below for an excerpt from the course:


Making Selections in Photoshop:

For those new to Photoshop, a selection means isolating certain pixels to be active for editing. Whenever you open an image in Photoshop, all the pixels in the image are automatically active. Meaning you can alter the entire image at any time. Using selection tools to target a portion of the image’s pixels allows you to adjust only those selected pixels without affecting the rest of the image.

Check out this informative excerpt from the course, Photoshop: Selections, Channels & Masks, and pick up some Photoshop editing tips:

Even if a designer has been using Photoshop for years, this course still provides valuable nuggets on how to edit efficiently. You may enroll in the course here to further develop your Photoshop skills.

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