Photoshop Tips and Tricks Workshop Preview


Photoshop offers endless possibilities—a million different ways exist to accomplish the same goal, whether that’s digitally painting an elaborate work of art or changing an image’s background. HOW Design University offers courses on Photoshop, but this week, it’s offering something special: an excellent workshop on Photoshop It’s a third of the price of a course ($39.99) but is only open for a week.

The Photoshop Tips and Tricks workshop includes selected lessons from other HOW Design University courses. Learn how to master tools in Photoshop, create animations, bring kinetic typography to life, work with 3D objects, use generated images and more.

Photoshop Tips and Tricks Workshop Preview:

To see an example of what’s covered in the workshop, watch the below preview about creating objects for 3D Printers.

The workshop is available for a limited time, from April 27 – May 3rd. Register today to learn Photoshop tricks!

Browse other HOWU course offerings here. Subjects include, but are not limited to, typography, freelancing, branding and website design.