Design and Production: Resources & Process of Designing

Understanding printing and production processes is a crucial part of being a graphic designer. Read case studies and expert advice to help solve workflow issues and make maximum use of creative elements like paper, type and imagery. Plus, learn about new printing techniques and color trends that can enhance your design projects.


Graphic Design Copyright Laws: Inspiration vs. Infringement

Register for An Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights for Graphic Designers to learn more about copyright laws, design patents and trademarks. Enter code BORCHARD at checkout for 20% off registration. How much do you know about design copyright laws, trademarks and design patents? If you’re a graphic designer, it’s crucial to understand the intricacies...


Asking the Right Questions: Crafting a Report Checklist

In the last few months, my graphic designer, Annie Riker, and I have spoken to hundreds of in-house designers about some of the work we’ve done to improve design at the National Parks Conservation Association, an opportunity that emerged following the response to my article in HOW Magazine, January 2013. One item that got...

Stock Image Index

Each year, HOW magazine compiles a list of stock-photo and illustration companies to help graphic designers find the best images for their projects.

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The Secret Life of OpenType Features

Type designers are comfortable with the potential and practical use of OpenType features while many graphic designers are still hesitant to use them. Expert Martin Wenzel unlocks the secret life of OpenType Features.

Color Inspirations

I just got to see an advance copy of “Color Inspirations” by Darius A. Monsef, IV, and wow—you are going to love it. There are over three thousand color combinations in this fat book, organized by color family. The talented contributors over at have come up with these palettes over a period of...