HOW Magazine App Now on iPhone 5

Imagine the classic, printed version of HOW magazine in your hands. You flip through, basking in the comfort of feeling those pages beneath your fingertips, while you find inspiration and advice on creativity, business and careers.

Now imagine all that on your iPhone. You love your iPhone, but it’s difficult to conceive of a similar experience, right? And as a designer, you know there are technical challenges facing print media in the ever-changing digital age …

But in the digital space we are, and in the digital age HOW is thriving. In fact, we’re taking those challenges head on as we translate print media to digital platforms/formats by continuing to produce exceptional digital products and digital versions of products.

Our latest digital endeavor: HOW magazine app for iPhone 5 (also available for iPad). You can download a free sample in the app store.

HOW magazine app for iphone

Designed for Easy Reading On the Go

The HOW magazine app on iPhone 5 delivers all the quality content you’ve come to expect from the printed HOW magazine—sans the smell of ink—in a smaller package. Each issue arrives in an easy-to-read format with legible typography.

Clean layout? Superior usability? Streamlined interface? Check, check, check.

“When redesigning the printed magazine content for such a small screen, we had to make sure it was comfortable to read and intuitive to use,” says Adam Ladd, art director for HOW magazine. “We looked to find a balance that highlights the content but gives enough graphical touches to keep it fresh and enjoyable visually. We wanted the design to feel intentional for reading on this platform, not like an afterthought.”

HOW magazine app for iphone

HOW magazine app for iphone

HOW magazine app for iphone

Enjoy the (Slide)show

Even with the iPhone 5 app’s emphasis on readability while on the go, the sought-after images still shine on the small screen. Every issue of HOW on iPhone 5 is rich with images and image slideshows, allowing you to swipe through with ease. It’s right at your fingertips.

HOW magazine app for iphone

Extras in Mind

Sometimes, you want to dive a little deeper into a subject, or maybe enter a sweepstakes you read about. The HOW magazine app has clearly defined links to sweepstakes, sources and extra content online. At any time, you can tap the screen to reveal navigation options and explore.

HOW magazine in print isn’t going anywhere, but we’re excited to carry HOW with us in more than one way. Don’t forget to download a free sample in the app store and leave us a review or rating to let us know what you think. We’re listening!

HOW magazine app for iPhone