Make Font Management Easier: Universal Type Server 4

When it comes to managing fonts, we all know that easy access, availability and simple organization means more productive work days. But that’s not always so easy…

Enter Extensis. We’ve witnessed their successes in helping designers work better before, and the latest release of their professional-grade font server Universal Type Server 4 is yet another victory. Universal Type Server 4 is built to support creative businesses by helping them “manage, organize and distribute their font libraries” –  all while taking the mess out of the font management process.

So, what does this mean for you? Good question.

Universal Type Server 4, Font Management

Universal Type Server 4: Made for You

As a designer, you understand the importance of workflow efficiency. When you work for a corporation that houses large collections of fonts, sifting through them can be a major time drain – not to mention, frustrating. Universal Type Server 4 is designed to streamline your font selection process and increase your creative output.

  • Adobe® Creative Cloud™ Integration: Regardless of your operating system, UTS-4 offers plug-ins for the Adobe® Creative Coud™ applications and promises compatibility with CC updates.
  • Font license management: This feature tracks font license information for the creative team to view and helps ensure the proper use of fonts.
  • QuickComp for faster font selection: Take the work out of endless testing and mock-ups QuickComp™. Compare side-by-side samples in a cinch!
  • Added value: Updated font corruption screening, font previews with Custom Color Previews, an improved font info panel, and the list goes on…

QuickComp, font management

Universal Type Server 4 Simply Delivers

Let’s face it: Creatives are made to create. When tools aren’t evolved enough to foster that creativity, we end up spinning our wheels. Chris Meyer, Senior Product Manager for Font Management at Extensis echoes this sentiment: “Universal Type Server 4 is built to make font management simple, so creative users can focus on what they do best–create.” And we all agree that’s a win-win for everyone.


Yes, it’s that easy. When a business is more organized, you are more organized. The launch of Universal Type Server 4’s new and improved features will help you channel your energy the right direction … towards creating.

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About Extensis 

Extensis® is a leading developer of software and services for creative professionals and workgroups. Their solutions streamline workflows, securely manage digital assets and fonts, and control corporate typographic branding. Used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies, Extensis’ award-winning server, desktop, and web service products include: Portfolio Server® for digital asset management, Universal Type Server® for server-based font management, Suitcase Fusion™ for single-user font management, and the WebINK® web font rental service. Founded in 1993, Extensis is based in Portland, Oregon, and the United Kingdom. For additional information, visit