Tips for Starting a Lucrative Graphic Design Business

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Venturing off and establishing your own graphic design business is exhilarating and a tiny bit intimidating. But cutting the strings to the corporate world and being in charge is highly rewarding and very doable. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, twenty-four percent of graphic designers in 2012 were self-employed.

Being a freelance graphic designer offers an ideal work environment – the ability to work from home, time flexibility and, most importantly, autonomy.

We see why many designers want to run their own design business. But once deciding to branch off from the corporate world to be self-employed, what are the next steps?

While freelancing offers an ideal career environment, like with everything, it does offer new challenges, hurdles and its own headaches. But don’t get caught up in all the challenges and hurdles. Roberto Blake, Freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director, offers the below tips on how to gain design clients and freelance design jobs.

Promoting Yourself to Land Graphic Design Clients

If you want local clients, join local associations, such as the small business council, and attend local events. Engaging in conversations and passing out your business cards, brochure or flyer is going to be a big part of how you become successful. If you are trying to get clients that aren’t local to you, you will need a strong online presence and will need to define and develop your brand. This means building a strong portfolio site, likely a blog, and putting your work out there on most social media platforms. Most clients today are searching for professionals in Google. You need to have a strategy for making sure you show up, since that is 80% of success.

Key components to landing design clients:

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About Roberto:

Roberto’s designs have been featured on numerous book covers, movie posters, advertisements, logos and branding for clients including Random House Publishing, Big Ten Network, HBO and WETV Joan & Melissa, Joan Knows Best?. See below for examples of his freelance design work.




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